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In October 2012, Marvel Comics began the Marvel NOW! event (to run until February 2013), where new writers and artists are launching new ongoing series (including some to re-use titles of earlier comic book series) as well as releasing new issues of still-running titles (namely [i]Avengers Assemble[/i], [i]Journey Into Mystery[/i] Vol. 1, and [i]Red She-Hulk[/i]) to focus on what's next for the Marvel Unvierse super-heroes in canon continuity since the Avengers Vs. X-Men event, including new sercret identities for classic heroes (ex: [i]The Superior Spider-Man[/i], to launch in January, will feature a new person to maintain the Spider-Man name), costume changes for those still maintaining thier repsective super-hero names (ex: Steve Rogers getting a new costume while still maintaining the Captain America identity), new major conflicts and adventures, etc. So far, the event itself involved the launch of the new ongoing series [i]Uncanny Avengers[/i] on October 10 and the release of the Marvel NOW! comic book one-shot [i]Marvel NOW! Point One [/i]on October.

So what are your thoughts about so far? What of the Marvel NOW! content you look forward to checking out later on? Sound off your comments. As for me, I may pick up the first issue of [i]A+X [/i]No. 1 when it comes out as it will feature a team-up between Wolverine and Hulk, but I am definitely looking forward for the premiering of the dark-and-edgy [i]The Superior Spider-Man[/i] as I am curious to seeing the new guy behind the Spider-Man mask and what he's all about.
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I thought that Uncanny Avengers was a little underwhelming with its debut. The characterization of Rogue was way off, and I'm not thrilled with the line-up's lack of diversity. It's a beautiful book, and Rick Remember does a competent job with the script, but this book is not new reader friendly AT ALL. Also: It's terribly grim for my tastes.

I'm most interested in A+X because team-up books always have interesting creators and they are able to be more experimental in terms of storytelling. The new Captain America seems pretty cool as well. I'm not a huge Romita Jr. fan, but his style seems to suit the sci-fi adventure elements that they have been teasing. Iron Man and Thor will probably be fine. I don't read those books anyway so I'm not very concerned either way.

- Shy
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