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So I've been searching high and low for a decent picture to base my character off of and I have yet to find anything that I like. These characters I both use in roleplays that I'm part of as well as in my own story that I'm currently working on. If anyone could help me by drawing them I'd very much appreciate it. I will try and do whatever to compensate for them if needed, wither it be pay a couple dollars or by writing something for you (since that's my artistic talent). Anyway I will list below some things about them and then if you are interested just let me know.



Name: Nikolai Mason
Age: 20
Physical appearance: 
Nikolai has shaggy dark brown hair where his bangs tend to fall in his eyes quite often and that falls just above his chin. He tends to keep it in a style that almost looks like a more organized version of bed head. His eyes are an icy shade of blue that are an open door, for those actually looking, to how he is actually feeling. He is tall standing at 6'1" and is fit but not overly so, just enough to tell that he stays active. 
He is rarely seen without a form fitting hoodie on. The only times he doesn't wear one is if he's going swimming or it's extremely hot out, and in that case he usually still carries it with him. He also has a habit of having headphones in his ears when he is thinking so it is easier to block out things around him so he usually has it with him.
Nikolai is very outgoing and loves to meet new people. Sometimes he comes off as a goofball and he honestly doesn't mind that. He enjoys seeing others smile and does what he can to make others happy. He puts other's happiness above his own no matter what the case. He has a habit of not wanting to upset others so he tends to do whatever it is that will make them happy, even if it makes him unhappy in the end. Due to this he has been called a push over many times throughout his life and he has yet to deny it. 
His biggest worry and fear is that he is just one big disappointment to others. It is one of the reasons he does so much for others and puts their feelings above his own. He has always been incredibly self-conscious, even if it might not seem like it. He always had been looking for the approval of others in nearly every single way.
He has a habit of hiding how he feels from others, mostly when he is upset about something. He acts like everything is fine and goes on with his life. If someone was actually looking they could tell exactly how he was feeling if they looked into his eyes. He knows this and is why has a habit of avoiding someone's gaze when he knows they are looking for it, wither it be by not looking at them or hiding behind his bangs or hood of his sweatshirt. 
He loves to draw and is seen doing it quite often. He is also quite the good marksmen, mostly with a bow, but doesn't like to hunt or use weapons to inflict harm on others. His hobbies include: drawing, listening to music, and playing soccer.


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i have a character that's in this comic i'm making who's like a emo version of lightning from final fantasy.but the appearence is the only thing they have in common. she an orphan appears to hate everyone and cares for no one but herself. :sleep:

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