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Let's make a visual novel.


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Please excuse any spelling mistakes, I'm posting from my phone.

I have made a few text-based games in the past, and I decided that I need to step up my game and move on to making visual novels now. For a project like this, I'm going to need some help.

I assume that none of you have any experience with sort of thing, but don't worry, its pretty simple. The coding is very easy. If you want to help out, shoot me a pm, I would love to hear from you!

Currently, I need artists the most. If you have good drawing ability, have access to a scanner, and can draw original characters, I could use you. I would lime some help with coding as well, but I can probably manage on my own for now. Musicians are a must, but that can wait.

So, wanna help? Shoot me a pm. Looking forward to playing it, and maybe testing demos? I'd love for you to comment.
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