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Help me find this film!


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Hello, as Iâ??m sure many of you are, I'm also very sentimental about some of the films I grew of watching however there was one film my brother and I loved that we can't remember the title. I'd give anything to know what it was so we could watch it again. So basically I was wondering if anyone on here might know what it is? I've spent years trying to find out and so far no luck.

I'm making the assumption it was an anime and Japanese as it was at least drawn in that style. It was in English so it would have been dubbed if Iâ??m right about it being an anime film.

I'm guessing its early 1990's or before that as Iâ??m in my early 20's now.

My parents recorded it on to a VHS (which we donâ??t have anymore) which they took from the channel TCM(a UK/Irish movie channel), if that helps.

Also these are vague memories I have of the film. I could be wrong with some of the things I said as I was a kid when I watched it last. I'm just trying to give as much details as I can from my hazy memory.

The film centred around this boy who lived with his sister and the beginning of the film had him and a load of animals arrive home and have a meal. My brother and I used to call what they were eating potatoes as weâ??re Irish lol but also because thatâ??s what the food looked like. Plus I can remember the animals fighting over who got out and some losing out and the boy giving them his. Also I can remember the boys bed was basically a mat on the floor. I believe his sister was then kidnapped and he went after her. There might have been a sword involved. He climbed a mountain and was trained by this old man. I remember carrying water was involved. Also I remember the film was very eerie and my brother and I at times were quite scared. There was who we used to call a witch in it. But as I remember she was a beautiful tall woman, geisha like. With long, dark, probably black hair, tied up maybe. I remember her doing a fan dance. Maybe wearing a red, Japanese style dress with white flowers. There was also very eerie Japanese style music. However I can remember her as very sinister, maybe she was the villain. I can remember her transforming. She might have come from a lake or turned into a wind type thing. I can remember Japanese flowers. I can also remember a town being ambushed, fire and a little girl. Also when the boy was travelling I remember him meeting a girl and them talking and fighting. Thatâ??s all I can remember for now.

Unfortunately I donâ??t know any directors or actors in the film.

If anyone can remember the name of this film Iâ??d greatly appreciate it.
Or if anyone knows of a way I could find out what it is let me know that too.

Thanks anyway :)

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