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My life

Misayo Takahashi

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My life is just a sad story
I just want to be free
My first , I pray to be my last
For in the future it hurts to look into the past
Every angle, every turn
Something around me must always burn
The simple words "Don't touch me."
Are enough to make me bleed
I don't want to lose you
But by you my heart is drew
With my tears
Though I have no fear
If you go I will die
No matter how much I fight
No matter how hard I try
The problem started little
Then grew hard and brittle
Too hard to break
Too hard to be a strong fake
As I pour out my heart
I hope you will not take part
In letting out emotions sealed
And let them all be revealed
For what goes on in my mind
Is not for my time
I pray that when I die
At least one person will cry...
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