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Hiring Skilled Fantasy Artist


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EDIT: These would be digital pieces of art, not physical anymore!
So firstly, I checked the rules and did not find anything against this. However, if it is not allowed I will remove this post.
This is a paid job. I am twenty and work for a living.

Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to hire an artist. You see, I am writing a light novel, and would love to have lots of graphics to go with it. I however, am incapable of drawing anything more than a stick figure. As such, I would like to employ the power of another in this matter. What I am looking for is someone who would be willing to READ my story. Examine the characters. Converse with me for further details. Then draw (in color) my characters and maybe even scenes. I want a truly skilled artist who knows they can draw well.
EDIT: These would be digital pieces of art. I now realize some of the best anime art is done on computers!

If this interests you at all, we can discuss pricing, how things would work, and other details further. Please message me here, send me a PM, or email me at whatamafu@gmail.com (Although don't talk personal things here. Just in PM or email)
Here is some links to the story itself if you are interested in pursuing the job.
Don't go off and start drawing without talking to me first, I would hate to waste your time!
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