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Super Mario Maker (OT)


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All right, guys and gals.  Time for a thread about the WiiU's true killer app: Super Mario Maker.


Sure, there have been romhack homebrew programs for this kind of thing for a while now, but this has that Nintendo Polish.  If you haven't "played" this game yet, you need to rectify that immediately, because it is wonderful.  It almost seamlessly blends together "new" and "old" Mario styles, characters, enemies, items, etc, and bundles it all up in a superb little package with tremendous production values, a sublime presentation (and one of the best justifications for the Gamepad+Stylus), and the whole game just oozes old-school Nintendo charm.

In many ways, Super Mario Maker is quintessentially, classically Nintendo: game is easy to learn, but difficult to master.  There are so many little nuances and tricks that you're going to constantly be finding new things to try in your levels and it never feels tired or stale.  There's always something new to discover thanks to the game's brilliant use of the stylus.  At a fundamental level, you pick objects and place them with the stylus.  That's the core of most of the level-building.

However, if you were to, say, grab the green Koopa Troopa and give it a shake with the stylus, that Koopa will transform into the red version, which behaves completely differently (green will walk off ledges; red will stop and turn around), which profoundly changes what you're able to do in your level; let's say you have a tall, thin mushroom platform and want to make the player's jump a bit more challenging.  Just shake the green Koopa and place the red one on that mushroom.  Now the player has to be very careful about getting there.

Nearly every object in the game can be modified this way.  Piranha plants become fire piranhas.  Chain chomps become...unchain chomps.  If you wonder "what would happen if..." then this is the game for you.  Shake the stylus to modify enemies.  Shake it again to remove power-ups from them.  Yes, as you can probably tell in the banner up top, you can definitely give enemies super mushrooms. ;-)  And a ton of other crazy tricks:


Yes, Virginia, **** like that can happen in Super Mario Maker.

I could go on and on about how marvelous this game is, but really, playing is believing.  We're going to use this thread as a discussion about the game, sure, but we're also going to use it to share our level codes with each other.  Charles and I are both super interested in what OB has and will come up with for these levels.

Have at it, OB!



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Great original post!  

There's really nothing like Nintendo's penchant for infusing charm into their interfaces. I remember how special Mario Paint was. There weren't a ton of features, but the little details...the sounds, the animations, everything just oozed polish. 

Mario Maker is like that. There is still room for a ton of content to be added, but the way the player interacts with what's there is incredible. I figure we can share some of our favorite levels here too. 

Light and Shadow
by Robin64Tue 15th Sep 2015 C82E-0000-0038-7E5F


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