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Roleplay Partner?


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Are there any literate or semi-literate role players?

I'm looking for a few roleplaying partners to practice with before I make anything on here, and I expect the person I roleplay with to try to reply with as much detail as possible. If anyone is interested, I'll leave a sample of my writing here to read. I write more if the other person is more active, and I'm best at writing starters.


Jo, the small town's 'beauty', was wandering around after-dark, as usual. The spacious plaza was empty, which wasn't much of a surprise at this time of night. Jo loved to go out at night more than anything else, the fresh air accompanied with a peaceful silence was just something he enjoyed. The stars above were reflected on the surface of the fountain and the marble ground, creating beautiful scenery. Jo himself was playing a child's game--hopping from one slab of marble to another that had the same color. How childish, it seemed, but little games like this were things that Jo held close to his heart. Thankfully, there appeared to be no-one out and about at this time, so he was free to dress as he liked... Still, Jo liked his girlish getup. Currently he was using his platinum blonde wig, the length reached his slim waist. A shiny yet simple set of jewelry accented his pale skin. An onyx pendant hung around his neck, while he had bedazzled the hairband to match. With the light from the moon shining on them, each gem looked like a small bit of the sky itself. Jo spun around, letting his dress billow and float in an elegant manner. He knew he was wearing feminine clothing, but did he really pass as a girl? People in town seemed to think so, but what if they were all just pretending, and knew Jo was a boy? Heaving a stressed sigh, Jo sat down on the edge of the large fountain. Staring at his distorted reflection in the dark water, he wondered what it would be like if he was really a boy. Tilting his head up to the sky and closing his eyes, he let his questions slip from his mind and enjoyed the peace.

The next few moments in time played out in almost slow motion for Jo. He heard a noise from the water and like any normal human being, he turned to see what it was. Now, for the poor mundane Jo, this was what some people would call a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. All of the things he heard around the town were true. These things rushed through his mind as a girl--no, a merwoman emerged from the water. Jo's eyes widened, water splashing onto him only slightly. The girl looked amazing in the light of the moon and stars, the water swirling around her as she leaped up from the fountain. It was almost like a magical girl movie, when the main character transforms. Yet this girl was undergoing no transformation, and she didn't need to either. Her hair was long and thick, messy yet still seemingly perfect. The larger patches of scales on her arms and legs shone like gold, a nice combination with her smooth tan skin. Her eyelashes were flecked with water droplets, making her bright green eyes seem to sparkle. This girl was one of another class, another kind than Jo. She was a real princess, the real deal, prettier than Jo could ever dress up as. Her voice rang out a greeting, and Jo being an odd one himself, he replied with sarcasm. 
"Do you jump out of fountains often?"

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