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Fallout 4


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Who's getting Fallout 4 when the title drops in a few days?
From what I've seen it looks really good, but the dog is giving me Fable 2 nightmares!
I'm sure the dog is way better implemented in this than that, though.
I'm down for the whole experience but I can safely say that I'm looking forward to exploring the map the most.
Fallout 3's map was pretty impressive for a vast nuclear wasteland.

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I want to get it, but I think my sis is going to pick it up today...she's a huge Fallout fan. I'm kind of waiting to hear what she says.

My dilemma is that at the moment, I'm very focused on Destiny, Metal Gear Solid V, and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. I barely have time for those games, let alone another one! Heheh.

I may pick it up closer to Christmas, and play it during my end of year leave (I've got 3 weeks off over Christmas/New Year). That might be a good time to get into it. :D

As far as the game itself, the early reports sound promising. It is apparently quite difficult, but with better gunplay and more streamlined systems (i.e. SPECIAL). I like the fact that VATS doesn't totally pause the action, too. And the base-building component looks/sounds really awesome. I think that'll be a big time-suck for me.

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