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Farewell Sis - Sword Art Online Yuuki's Story


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There is no need to say how Unique themes the Anime and Manga Story Writers bring to us and one such Story is Yuuki's Story from SAO Mother's Rosario Arc that can touch right to Our Heart and it is so Strongly Depicted that it has inspired so many People to stand Strong finding Courage and Hope to Live on.... 

The Story is about that Strong little girl suffering from HIV AIDs and is in Critical Condition though never reveals this truth to her Sister like Friend i.e Asuna Yuuki. I always had the thought of making an AMV on this Particular Song and this Story rightly fits the Lyrics. I have simply tried to represent the theme of Yuuki's Story with the song. The Original Story touches emotionally so deep and in a way that cannot be represented in other form but I tried to maintain a balance between Yuuki's actual Story and Lyrics of the Song.

Hope this simple amv touches You all and also inspire You to read the story if You haven't.

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