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you want it..you get it..you have doubts

velvet paws

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okay I just wanted to know if anyones has been in the kind of situation where you really wanted something..and you finally got it..and then you had serious doubts about it?

I have..infact I am right now :blackeye:

I've never been very good with commitment to anything that can't physically leap out at me and say "hey remember me, I still exist". In an attempt to make sure I learn my bass continuously instead of just playing it for a few months and forgeting it then starting it again and taking a while to work off the rust from my fingers before learning anything new..I tried to get a band together with my friends who were also having problems leanring their intruments. The idea was we would play together round my house every saturday lunch time (expected to practise a little alone in the week) and eventually we would learn a varity of songs so that we learnt different skills and maybe even learn one or two songs well enough to play on our leavers assmebly in 4 months time. (who knows where we could go from there in a few years) Well that basically fell apart..leaving me and a guitarest who went through a busy patch and missed 3 weeks in a row.

Now my friend spike used to be in a band. Aparrently they had two gigs, the first they sucked and the second they rocked. He decided the other day that he wanted to re-form it. Try and get some of the origonal people back but anyone he liked who could play was welcome. Well he saw me playin my bass (quite badly i was trying to work out the fiddly bit in [spunge] - 'break up' and saying a few rude words :blush: ) and he goes, "do you want to be in my band?" and before I could think about it..also before I knew he had been in a previous one...I said yes. A few minutes later I was talking to Jay on MSN and Spike noticed Jay mention he was looking for new tab to learn, so he said "wot does Jay play?" and I said bass, coz he does, to which Spike replied "oh well I wont bother him then because we don't need two bassists, but if he'd played guitar I would have liked him."

Now I know Jay is already in a band and everything..but he's been playing solidly for nearly two years now and I just shrank back in my seat and thought to myself "oh Spike if only you knew..if only you knew how big a mistake you just made." I know he's heard me play before...and yes the fiddly bit is very fiddly and very hard I suppose...but the idea of going into a band which [U]expects[/U] gigs kinda scared me. Thankfully he's got to get other members and he's thinking of buying a drum kit so that will take quite a while..long enough for me to fit some practise in ;) As long as I have the song and tab..and sumtimes a little prompting from Jay I can learn a song..given time, but my self esteem is zero heh :sleep:
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Guest political rage
i reccommend learning how to play slap bass....its really fun, looks cool, and sounds cool.....its a bit hard at first but with the key ingredient PRACTICE....if you already know...then learn songs that everyone else has heard.....people think its cool when you can play stuff they know....that could help gain some self-esteem......
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