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Gaming GAME WAR for XBOX

Dark Sephiroth

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First of all, Snail I'm sorry to tell you that I've read an interview done with Sanders Keel about RAW and boy is it disappointing. If they took out anymore modes, it'd be a blank DVD! Hopefully the gameplay will back up the rather slim mode selection.

Anyway, I no one can declare that one game for Xbox is the best. Tis all a matter of taste for each genre. If someone likes sports games, NBA Inside Drive might be the best. If a gamer likes racing games, Project Gotham might be supreme. Anyway, it's hard to tell you what my favorite game is. I guess it would have to be Max Payne. I've never played it for Xbox, but for PC it was exceptional. From what I hear, it's a near exact port, so it must be butter. HALO is okay, but Medal of Honor: Allied Assault puts that to shame.
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