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I know maybe no one might join but i was siting down and started to look at Smallville so i was like hey let me start a RPG to might happend to him after smallville.So here it is.This is going to be set in Metropolis there are going to be some enemys old ad new. But if you want to can be a villin or what not. You don't have to be some one off f superman if you don't want to make up your person i don't i just did this for something for me to do and yall to if you join.

Just post your stats then start.

Name: Clark Kent
Apperence: looks like the dude on smallville.
Power:Superman's powers
occupation:a student at M.U.(Metropolis University)
Bio: He finished high school.Left home to goto M.U he's stays own at a apartment. And now is lookin for a job
SuperHero name:Superboy
Apperence in costume: like superboys in the comic.Not the one that looks just like supermans.
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