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RPG Dragonball Z:The Fight of the Century!

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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Ok. Since I love writing stories, here goes. I'm just too lazy to use quotation marks.
Vegeta! Trunks! Dinner time! Bulma shouted through the house as she called her family to dinner.
Yay! Trunks shouted as he ran into the kitchen.
Vegeta walked in the dining room and the aroma of all different kinds of food filled up his nose. Bulma walked in with a smile on her face. I made it my self! I hope you enjoy... Bulma said as she tried to finish, but they immedately started to gobble down their food.
Uhh, can't you guys slow down? she asked. They looked at Bulma with unhappy looks on their faces.
Look, guys, I'm jus ttrying to help! she said as she swalled a bit of rice. All of a sudden, the phone rang.
I'll get it! Bulma exclaimed as she ran to pick up the phone in the living room.
Hello? Bulma asked.
Hi! This is Goku! May I speak to Vegeta? Goku asked Bulma.
You can try, Goku, but I'm afraid that he won't speak to you when he's eating. Bulma explained.
She handed the reciever to Vegeta who had noodles hanging out of his mouth.
Vegeta. Goku wants to speak to you. Bulma said.
Too bad! Tell Kakarott to go bother someone else! Vegeta shouted.
Uhh, Goku, I'm afraid he's a bit on the pissed side at the moment. Can I take a message? Bulma asked.
Well, it is really important that I tell him now. But unless he's too chicken to fight me then... Goku tried to finish.
Give me that, Woman! Vegeta shouted as he grabbed the phone out of his wife's hand.
What do you want, Kakarott? Vegeta asked coldly.
Well, I sense something really strange now. Can't you feel it? Goku asked him.
Help me with the story! I'll be waiting...
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