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RPG Sonic Adventure(PLAY)


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Of u have chosen someone on the dark side write a stroy line for that!
A TAils was working on the Tornado after the latest battle with Eggman he noticed something falling from the sky. As it got closer he noticed it getting bigger! Tails flew as fast as he could to where Sonic was hanging out with Amy
"Sonic a huge thing is headed torwd us!"
"Ohh no it fell faster than I thought it would!"
"S..O..N..I..C Im coming for you!"
"Ohh no SONIC!"
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*Deep within Dr. Robotnick's fallen Egg Carrier, the beat and battered body of a Robot made by Dr. Robotnic stumbled around, searching for it's head. Reaching deep within a pile of junk, it reached around for a short time, then yanked out a large shpereical object. Turning it around, it showed two large eyes, dark and cold, and a small black nose. Taking the head, he slamed it back onto his body, snaping it into place. The cold hand of the robot reached up and pressed a button on the side of his head.*

Robot - .......bzzzzzzzztt, Mecha Sonic online.

*The eyes of the robot flashed on, and three long fin like spikes shot out of the back of his head.*

Mecha Sonic - bzzzzzzztt, Mission, kill sonic
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*deep inside robotropolis, we see the evil Dr. Eggman standing near his assault vessel, nearly destroied by Tails' Tornado. He growls as he screams at his shadowbots.*
The Shadowbots begin to work faster as he storms off to a strange hangar, looking up at a giant warship docked, and under construction.
"This time...the egg will be in your face sonic!" he puts his fists on his hip as he looks up laughing, awaiting it's soon completion.
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