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Does anyone play Warhammer?


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Has anyone here ever played the tabletop game called
Warhammer or Warhammer 40k? If so, please respond, unless your the worthless, weak, and cowardly High Elf player. I as the ultimate Dark Elf player will crush you and spread your remains on the Chaos wastes. :devil: Really, though, if you play, respond, I can't be the only one on the site who does!

*Looks around in disbelief as the Godly Person is left alone and cold...*
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Hahahaha!! You arrogant piece of filth! You think that you can crush ME into the ground! Ha! Continue to be arrogant and haughty until Tyrion's flaming sword of pure death slides between your 3rd and 4th ribs...then, THEN you will see your folly, pitiful dark elf.

As you can see, yes i do play, though i mainly paint nowadays...
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