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Gaming help on FFV


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ok, thanx for telling me that shiva was in waltz castle but...

where in waltz castle???

hahaha.. i feel a bit stoopid, but i've been looking around and i found out that the little circles on the floor are switches that can open hidden doors but... i still can't seem to find the water tower in waltz castle (there's a water tower rite? well... sorry bout that!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SaiYaNgUrL [/i]
[B]hehe... whoa i haven't been here in a while..

anyways... i hav a question to ask ...

on FFV, i'm looking for the waltz tower. This is after it sank. Is there any way that i can go back to waltz tower even if it sank? cuz i can't find it anywhere and i heard that shiva was in there and u can get it for one of ure summoning monsters. so yeah... i really need help! thanx! [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]Shiva is in Waltz [i]castle[/i], not Waltz Tower. Hope that helps...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=indigo]You would of found Shiva if it was there. they made all the stuff in FFV to obcoius... :p

but Nerdsy is right, you get it in Waltz Castle. [/color]
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