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a week?


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If you havn't noticed i havn't posted much lately (although i had checked in and looked around)

If you where like 'hey,... where did that cool.. kam guy go?..' i'm about to tell you ^_^ cause well, I love you

about eh.. last saterday, I believe, Me, my dad and my little brother where doing some running around, shopping. we stopped by my aunts house because we happened to be in the area and spent some time there, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came on and we decided to stay and watch it.. but first me and my dad had to go to fred meyers so he could get a shirt for his date..

At Fred meyers i started noticing my legs becomming weaker.. it was like a bad ache.. then everything got dizzy.. and i fainted ^_^; .. according to my dad i knocked him down too.. he fell on some lady.. hehe.. anyways i woke up with dad and that lady standing over me.. asking if i was ok.. i managed to get up.. and dad helped me go sit down.. after sitting for a little bit we got back into the car and went back to my aunts where my brother was. found out that i was sick and that i passed out because i hadn't eattin anything lately.. i wasn't hungry .. so i didn't eat.. :/ anyways i ate some steak and shrimp and i was fine.. we went home.. blah blah blah found out that i had the Flu.. missed school on monday..

that sunday we went up to Salem(Oregon) and met my dads girlfriend, shes nice.. we had Izzy's :)

i went back to school on tuesday.. almost wish i didn't ;) in history class we are having a mock trial and the teacher was picking people for parts.. they dont really have a choice over the matter.. me and my friend got picked to be the defendants..

we are doing the Sacco and Venzetti case, in real life they got fried.. ^_^ i think the history teacher picked us for a reason.. lol
(I'm Bartolomeo Venzetti, an italian anarchist..)

the day before yesterday dad got his Taxes.. filled them out and filed them.. we got our tax return yesterday.. and got .. A PS2! woohoo!..

but dad wouldn't buy us FFX .. he was like 'Not the same old game' .. i was like.. O__O 'its.. not the sam.. ' then relized that.. if i said somthing he might change his mind and not get the PS2.. so we got another game (not that great.. but its kinda fun :) )

anyways.. we did some annoying chores.. and we got new computer chairs.. so :) Thats whats been up, yes.. i'm still alive ^_^

now to make a topic out of this, has anyone ever just felt like.. just not posting.. and didn't do it for like a week.. but still checked the boards?

do you ever think about OB when at other places.. like in the car or school?
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wb coolkam, good to see you back and that youre ok. i noticed your absence but didn't say anything about it. do the anarchist justice. :whoops:

i feel like not posting a lot of times. im more of a lurker. i usually think of threads or replies before i go to sleep. it takes me maybe 15 mins to fall asleep. I think of them when im on the bus to school and my house, and at school, especially in algebra II class when the teacher is droning on.
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Thanks Navi :)

my rate of replying to threads and diminished .. alot.. lol ^_^ mainly because the only reason i reply to a post is to have someone else comment on it, or use it in some way. i think posting just to have someone glance over it quickly is a waste of my time.. i usually dont bother even looking into topics if they have like 4 pages already.. i consider them to be too far into conversation to join.. but i do rarely join if the topic is interesting enough.. ^_^ i also like making my replys longer then a sentance or two. it keeps people looking at mine longer. ;) and that makes me feel special :) and thats the reason i come here..
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I only ever really post when I feel that I can actually say something useful in a topic. At the moment I'm stuck in the phase of, I've replied to everything I can already without just saying usless jubberish...so I check for new topics and sometimes browse the old ones...but I can't really post that much. *sigh* looks like it might be nearing the point again when I have to leave for a month or sommat in hope that when I come back everything will seem crispy fresh again. That's what I have done about twice before, coz as much as I love this place it can get a little repetative if you don't take a break...just like everything else in life...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by coolkam007 [/i]
do you ever think about OB when at other places.. like in the car or school? [/B][/QUOTE]


Yes.. and in all honesty...

It scares the hell out of me..


*gets struck by lightning from the mighty James God and Adam God*

*shuts face*

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I try to say something all the time...Good exercise for my fingers...+I need more posts...

And yes,I think about OB in my maths class,there isn't much I don't think about in my math class,besides math ^_^;...

And I don't like to post much...I tend to babble...
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