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RPG Fantasy Racing League

SSJ5 Vegeta

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I say we start a fantasy racing league. The rules are whatever car you use to race with has to be a import such as, honda, toyota, mitsibushi etc. Each of you start out with $20,000 dollars each. You must research your car, buy your car, and add modifications to your car, within your spending limit.

[b]Signing Up[/b]
You must Private Message me with your car with all the modifications you've made to it, plus the prices for the mods. You must also submit your car in this post, but you may choose to leave out certain parts of information like say your running Nitrous Oxide, but you don't want anyone else to know what brand because you want to be a good competitor and don't want anyone copying your stuff. You must post that you are running Nitrous or NOS but you don't have to post what brand or the peripherals for it such as the type of NOS system.

Here's some estimations to help you out...

NOS Systems usually run about 1000 dollars or up

NOS canisters are usually about 1000-3000 dollars

A car that'd need about 15,000 worth of work on it would cost you probably 500 dollars or less. It would be in bad shape but 15 grand would have it running goooood.

[b]As for challenges:[/b]
When a challenge is made, it must be a unanimous agreement between both people.

[b]As for betting:[/b]
You may bet anything you want. You can bet fantasy money that you have in your tab against someone else, or against a bunch of people at once. You can bet the fantasy pink slip to your fantasy car against someone else's. Whatever you want.

In a little while I'll have a website up for this. Stay tuned for updates, and let the racing begin.
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