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RPG Dragonball/Z/Gt: Search for the Immortal Orb


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RPG: Dragonball/Z/Gt: Search for the Immortal Orb

(Read EVERYTHING or else you wont get this.)

This is how it works. Everyone is alive even enemies that died in the show (ex: Frieza, Cell, Radditz, Nappa etc...). Everyone just figured out that there is a golden orb called the Immortal Orb that-You guessed it- makes you immortal. The bad thing is that it is in another galaxy on a planet. You don't know which planet or galaxy. You have to go to other galaxies and search each planet for the orb. It could be in the core of a planet, you never know. It is everyman for themself and you want it bad! You are competing against everyone even if it is your brother! It is possible to be on the same planet as another. While you are on that planet if you run into them most likely you will have a fight. The bad thing is that every planet has citizens evil or good. If they dont like you coming on to their planet they will fight you to get off and try to kill you. If you die in battle with citizens of another planet or by another player the only way you can come back is with the dragonballs of course! That is why you should try to make friends with some or alliances with some so if you die they can wish you back. The only way you can be wished back is if they get the dragonballs which are only on earth. They have to go back to earth and wish you back. If no one does then you are out until someone does. I may be nice enough to wish back someone. Who will get the orb?

(PS: I am just making these up fast which you probably already noticed lol! Here is the deal. I am going to monitor the thread but not search for the orb. I am the only one that knows where the orb is. To make this more challenging I can also get it and hide it again. But the whole thread isn't about finding it. Some of it is to fight others, and try to get deep into the planet like the outer core. Don't just put ____ digs and is in the outer core. It wont work that way. Be specific and detailed when you fight or go to other planets and try to get into the planet. That way this thread can possibly last a little while. You also have to have some way of transportation. I am frieza 4th formation just so I can get the orb and hide it if I want to. I wont do it so much that it is impossible to get it or this wont be fun. I may get it and hide it once in this whole thread you never know..)

Galaxies and Planets:

Galaxy: Urtane

Galaxy: Tyoreyph

Galaxy: Phyklur

Galaxy: Lephreuge

(Is that enough??LOL!)
(If you have any questions PM me!)

Each Planet has the crust, mantle, outer core, and innner core. You can also encounter storms, black holes, meteors striking your way of transportation etc... Anything to try to get this to last and not be a 4 day thing.

Sign up this way:

Saga From:
Way of Transportation:

That is it. I still can be a character right lol! I am Frieza so I cn breathe in space and fly to planets and galaxies without a space ship or pod or whatever. And I can fight right? I rarely will but it is possible. Why let you guys have all the fun??? But I don't look for the orb.

(If you tranform please tell what form it is like I am Frieza form #4)
Character: Frieza (Form #4)
Saga From: Frieza saga
Way of Transportation: I can breathe and fly in space.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero [/i]
[B]Character: Goku (SSJ3) *can I make own?*
Saga From: Buu
Way of Transportation: Space ship or instant transmission. [/B][/QUOTE]

I think you should go with space ship because instant transmission is unfair for others. Thanx!
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