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Writing new "fanfic"


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ok... i'm gonna start a new fanfic here... which isn't really a fanfic, it's an comic thing that i started up.... which i thought up of since last year.. but i never had the guts to tell anyone except my friends about... i want every one to comment to me about like, what i can change and stuff like that... (i also have pictures to them, and i'm still pondering on whether i shud post em too...)
well... this is like an intro thing...

The plot:

In ancient times, there was a kingdom of people who possessed powers to control the world. there were 4 main prince/princesses who held the orbs to elements...

Elemental Orb: Controls all 5 elements- fire, wind, earth, thunder, water.

Power Orb: Controls all natural and mystical powers.

Beast Orb: Controls all beasts, mystical and reg.

Psychic Orb: Controls all psychic energy

well... the orbs have been broken (which u later will find out y at the end...) and they have been placed in the future to be held by the reincarnated forms. But the orbs are not at their fullest powers for they have been separated. the 4 people will have to find the missing pieces to create the orbs as they once were. Here are the characters...

HyeSung: Holder of the Elemental Orb. He's the averagejoe leader...

Aiko: She's the girl with the big jubs (hahaha) she holds the beast orb. Not a very bright thinker tho....

Mashiro: Class Clown. He holds the power orb

Kumiko: Very serious, smart, athletic. Heck she's good at everything except for smiling or crying. is either one of these moods at one time: frustrated or serious. golds the psychic orb.

If there are any similarities from this story to other anime shows, can any one tell me? thanx!
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