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Writing - Jurassic Park: Return to Site B -


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[color=crimson]Prologue- [i]Hurricane[/i]

The ship rocked wildly in the wind, the captain on the bridge of the small cruise ship yelling orders wildly. The rain whipped against the deck of the boat, and waves raised up and crashed.

The hurricane had blown out the Cruise Ship's guidance system, and the blind ship had been headed tward 'Site B'. No one knew of it though, and if they had known, they would have been a tad bit more scared.

While all this was going on, Mike, Sitting in his quarters, was throwing up. As he was thrown violently around his parent's quarters, he wondered if they were alive. They were somewhere else on the boat, and he was worried....

He attempted standing up, and succeded. He ran out of the quarters into a hall way and ran down it. His footsteps were blotted out by the sound of thunder and lightning. The ship rocked wildly and Mike fell to his feet.

He ran up the stairs to the bridge, and looked in horror out the window. A island was before them, and the ship was fast approaching it. The captain yelled out to abandon ship, and ran out of the bridge, to an awaiting escape boat.

People began to scream, and ran around despretely searching for a way out. Mike was stareing foreward, where in the rain the sillhoutte of a flying creature was in the sky.

His gaze now met with the looming island. A large wave hurdled at them from the side, and Ken was launched to the side, where he hit his head. The last thing he remembered was looking out the window, stareing at the black isle....

Then, It all went black....


In Jen's Quarters, The Boat Rocked wildly, sending her flying foreward where she his hard against the wall. Using will power, she gained her balance and ran outside. Running down the white halls, she arrived at the base of a staircase.

She heard screams from the upper floors, and scratched her head...

"What in the world is going on up there?" She asked peering up the staircase, "I guess there's only one way to find out...."

She began climbing the stairs, using vast amounts of will just to keep from falling over in the rocking ship. She arrived at the next floor, and looked around.

"Seems everyone here has gone...."

With that, she began climbing upward once more, her goal of reaching the deck within reach. She stopped briefly, stareing out of a Porthole into the blackened skies. The only light from outside came from the semi-frequent lightning.

Then the island came into veiw. Large black silhouttes of hills or mountains was the only defining thing Jen could make out in the dark, although in the lightning she could see some vegetation on the mountains.

The boat rocked again, and her attention snapped back to getting up to deck. She started her ascent again, and arrived a minuet later at the door to the deck. She stepped out, and it was chaos.

Blankets of rain fell from the sky, the wind making the rain vertical. Lightning seemed to sprint downward, and the thunder boomed in all it's fury.

People were jumping, running, screaming, crying and whatever else humans do to express grief or fear, causing Jen's anxiety level to rise.

She ran up several flights of stairs to the bridge and stared out at the island, and it wasnt far at all.

"Oh my god..."

"DAMN! MY HEAD!" Someone suddenly suddenly said behind her.

"Umm... Who's there?"

She walked around a console, and there was a teenager around 14 years old. He had spiked black hair, and had a gold chain around his neck. A black baggy shirt, and black baggy pants clothed him, and he had black boots on.

She stared for a second, and noticed that his head was bleeding.

"Are you alright?"

"Uhhh... no. Not really..."

"I hit my head pretty hard..." Mike said to the 13 year old girl.

Suddenly the ship lurched foreward, sending Mike foreward, hitting the girl. The both slammed into the wall, and the scene slowly went black again....

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