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RPG Guardians ... The story Begins (Play)

Carren Heart

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<<<< In the remote ruined temple far to the north covered by death's cold winter fingers a statue of a hansom Elven man lay dormant. Carved in the base of this magnificent statue Vol'don spelt in runic. This is were an old hope rekindles >>>

Old man: We have found him my dear.

Young Woman Yes father, Vol'don with him wee will awaken the other hopes.

<< Echoing screams >>

Old Man: We must hurry my dear.

Young woman: << Looks back at the entrance to the room >> they have come for us, to stop us haven't they father.

Old man: Yes dear if we can't awaken him ? we will die

<<< Another Scream followed by the clashing of swords >>>

Old Man: < Begins to Draw a circle with chalk >>

Young Woman: << Throws her cloak down, revealing an armored body and a deadly broad sword>> HURRY FATHER!!

Old Man: << Sits in the center of the circle and begins to cast >>

<<< Two large serpentine beasts slither from the room entrance >>>

Naga # 1: Put down your blade and die silent !!

Young woman: << Smirks >> I have lore enough to kill you serpent so.. BE GONE!!

Naga # 2: Foolish Woman!! Your savior is dead!!

<<<< Magical energies began to form around the elderly man >>

Naga # 2: But so be it die with your father!!

<<<<<<<<< The two naga began to attack the woman parries blow after blow until she finally hits one and mortally injuries the beast. The other Naga then strikes her sword hand and disarms her. She drives to the left to obtain her weapon but only to meet the cold bitter sting of the beast fangs tearing into her side, She is whipped left to right driving the fangs deeper until she goes limp >>>>>>>>

<<<<< The naga Drops the lifeless corpse to the ground as it slowly creeps behind the old man. It stalks behind him sizing its prey as the Old man finishes casting, The naga looks up as light begins to gather around the statue >>>>>

Old Man: Awaken Vol'don our Savior !!

<<< The light Fades away as the statue Lightly cracks >>

Naga # 1: Fool ? << The naga strikes sinking its fangs in the shoulders of the old man >>>

<<< The naga Drops the body to the ground ? THUD >>>

Naga # 1: Let it be known you were forsaken.

Voice: << echoing >> Yes you will be forsaken VILE BEAST !!!

<<<< A single Beam of light strikes the naga sending it flying against the wall, The Beam slowly fades away leaving only a thin blade threw the naga's chest >>

<<< More light begins to gather in the room as a dim figure emerges from its depths. Looking at the Old Man then over at the young Woman >>

Figure: I will remember your kind and noble sacerfices.


Vol'don: Sadly there is no time for my sorrow, No time left for my innocence. I must find and awaken the others.

?. 3 months later ???????. Please continue

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