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State vs. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti


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*bangs spoon* order!

Recently my history class had a mock trial.

Hah.. My history teacher is so funny. He picked me to be Bartolomeo Vanzetti and one of my better friends (bob) to be Nicola Sacco.. I think he wanted us to die ;) btw both where Italian anarchists

In the Real case both Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti where exicuted in the electric chair

In our case only Nicola Sacco got the chair.. I lived because i cheated on my wife.. o_O (The jury gave me a five for that..) although Saccos final request was for a rubber suit.. so everyone is fine ^_^

now onto the funny part.. gwahah..

Since me and mr. Sacco are friends .. we decided to cause a little heck.. for some odd reason the teacher had us sit over by some computers (back in the 1920's when the real trial took place the defendents couldn't sit with their defending ..side, if thats what its called. They would sit in a cage.. lol) we would pretend to be in the cage.. :)

we played some rock, paper, scissors.. ^_^ we did some word documents on the computer.. we wrote things like

"Happy judges dont kill italians, Italians love happy judges"

"Judges love pizza"

"MONO-boy" (when our friend eric went up to prosicute against us.. we have this joke that he has mono.. lol)

"i dont even know how to pronounce my name.."

"We'll give you free pizza if you let us go :)"

and this was all in like.. 72 sized font.. Bold so the whole class could see ..

i took a peice of paper, and wrote "I (heart) Italians" and put it on the judge

i took another peice of paper and wrote "I really love italians" and put it on my prosicutor's (purse stealers..) back.. ^_^

anyways it was really fun! have any of you been in a mock trial or watched a mock trial?

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I was in a mock trial before. I forgot what it was about though. I didn't want to participate, so the teacher pulled out the fickle finger of fate on our attendance sheet and I was 'volunteered'. I was the typist and I gave an unethical middle finger to my friend snickering in the back.:whoops: Sometimes I think by hoping you're not picked, you're hoping you are.
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the only time I did anything to do with law was when we went to the court house... the trial that we saw was boring then when we joined back up with the 5/6 we went to an empty room and had people sit in the specific places like where the judge sits or the witness box. we also went into the jury room.
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