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Terran's VS Sayjin's


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This takes place 5 years later after the GT saga. The Z team had stop fighting but they still did there training. Intel one day they where under attack by one person. He defeated the hole Z team by him self but he did not kill them. He told them that they had 1 year to get ready. So what they did was get the dragonballs back together then bong back Goku. Once that year was up the guy came back but he had more people with him together there was a total of 10 of them. But out the 10 only 3 fought the hole Z team not even the master of them fought. In the end the hole Z team got killed. The race that killed the sayjin was the Terran's. The hole time this one man Kain looked after and watched the hole Z team since the beginning. He planned this from the start. The hole reason why he why he killed off the Z team is cause when he was a kid the sayjin race killed his whole race I front of him. So he promised himself and his family and his whole race that he would kill every last sayjin that he meet.

OK now about the Terran's. The Terran is the most powerful race. They have been around way beyond sayjin. They had been killing every race to take there power. They grow to the point where there where to powerful. They started fighting there own kind to get more power. The sayjin and other races came together to kill off the Terran race. They waited to when the Terrans started fighting there self's and that's when the plain went into affected. Sayjin's and other fought the hole Terran race and came out on top. Since then there has been no sign of no Terrans Intel now.

How strong they are. A normal Terran can beat a super sayjin 1. The power of a super Terran is equal to the power of a super sayjin 2 and so forth. Terrans are just like sayjin but there 2 times better in everything and it takes longer for there ki to go down. One thing they can do is go beyond there power limits but if they hold on to that power more then 10 mins they well become totally weak. And if they stay in there Full power for to long they then start to become weak. When they turn super terran they are big a Broily and hair red eyes dark red.

The Terran race have now nothing to worry about the only people they thought that could beat them is now dead. So now they are going to take over the universe. And it's up to a new team of hero's to stop them.

Ok so people join up. Oh yea you can start off super sayjin 1 if you want just ss1. then you have to train from there to get to the next level blah blah blah. You can be a Sayjin or a Terran. And there's only going to be aloud 3 half Sayjin half Terran. So there's only going to be 3 people who can be half sayjin half terran.




Name: Gojin
Race: Sayjin/Terran he's one of the three
Weight: 145 (muscles)
Bio: haven't thought of anything.
Destruction: Has the face of gohan when he was yound but haif like Trunks in Cell saga.He wears the sayjin armor.
Personality: Likes to have fun and never turns down a fight no matter how strong a person is
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