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Arkali RPG

Dan L

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It's not very often I actually start an RPG.. cos I don't get ideas very often.. but when I do... this sort of thing happens.. the idea just gets really big... enjoy.....

[i]Long ago, amid the chaos of the early universe, there was one prosperous race, named the arkali. A small race, only 35 of them ever existed. No details are known of how they came to be, but the story of their end has been passed down the generations to a select few:

"One day, long ago, the peaceful race of the Arkali became under threat by a truly powerful force. They decided that their only chance to preserve their life's work and accumulated knowledge was to merge into 7 powerful beings to combat the force. Each of the 7 beings was a merging of 5 Arkali, one each of their 5 sub-classes- Leader, Warrior, Scholar, Mage and Priest. The 7 beings were able to vanquish the evil force looming over their land, though in the merging process their bodies had to be discarded, only 7 spirits remained. Though successful in defending their land, the arkali themselves were no more."

The spirits travel the universe, inhabiting the bodies of beings from the day they are born, and leave the bodies when the hosts die. They provide these beings with unimaginable power, in exchange for the chance to experience life again. But this did not last long. Many of the hosts along the generations used the spirits' power for evil, consumed by their own greed. After a few generations had passed, the evil minds of the hosts had their effect on the spirits, and they too became consumed by dark emotions. Instead of simply allowing the hosts to use their powers, they struggled to dominate the hosts' bodies and minds. Many great wars were caused by the spirits, barely shells of their original selves, with no capacity for rational thought.

A few hundred years ago, the generation of 'arkali warriors' at the time realised their power, and set up an institute to try to gain control over their powers. It was found that by resisting the arkali spirits' attempts to gain control, and by using their powers when they were subdued (not in control), after a while the host had almost complete control over the spirit. The arkali warriors, later known as 'the seven emperors' dominated a large part of the galaxy with their seemingly endless powers, and the arkali empire was formed. This empire stood for only 70 years. When news reached all of the kingdoms that the last emperor had died of old age, a massive revolt started, as rebel factions on every planet launched massive attacks against their oppressors, no longer fearing the powerful emperors.
Now the arkali empire is nearly completely forgotten, and after 400 years, the worlds that were dominated by it are back to the way they once were. The institute set up by the seven emperors still exists somewhere, concealed in the darker parts of the galaxy.

Today, mystics from all around claim to feel a dark, powerful force coming. Those who know the history of the arkali believe it to be the same dark force that threatened the arkali long ago, and hope that somehow all 7 of the current generation of arkali warriors can be united to combat this great force again, as they know that no one else can.

What is unknown even to the select few that know of the arkali is that three of the spirits have already 'awakened', a few years ago.
The First, the spirit named 'Shadow Wraith' inhabits a commander of a military on a planet near the centre of the galaxy. Shadow Wraith's host never shows his/her [/i](It doesn't matter to me)[i] true power, nor identity, having learned from the example of the seven emperors. Only those that he/she is about to eliminate get to know this.
The second, the spirit named 'Fire Storm', inhabits a mercinary, known for reliability and coldness. It is said that something terrible must have happened to the family of Fire Storm's host long ago, as he/she has no recollection of his/her past, and has lost the ability to care for others. In reality, this happened ten years ago, when Fire Storm tried to take control it's host, and had all but succeeded. It's last action before the host drove Fire Storm out of his/her mind was to damage his'her mind in any way it could.
The third, the Spirit known as Light Bringer, is the most powerful and aggressive arkali spirit. As a result, it's host is in a constant struggle for sanity, always trying to stop the spirit from taking control. He does not fully understand what is happeneing to him, and finds it hard to keep friends for a long time because of it.
There may be others that have already awakened, but nothing is known of them yet.

Though the arkali spirits provide their hosts with a great power, it is only a fraction of their full power. From time to time, the arkali spirit takes control over the host. This usually happens in times of great stress, pain, or anger, as the host's mind does not concentrate on blocking the spirit as much. In the process of 'awakening', the spirit suddenly awakes, being dormant until that moment. As the host has no experience in controlling the spirit, the spirit usually has control for one to two hours. When the host manages to block the spirit, he/she regains control, disoriented, and with little memory of what happened other than a vague 'like a dream' kind of memory. When the spirit is in control, a higher amount of power is available to it, but still only a fraction of it's full power.

There is a way to unlock the spirits' full powers. All will be revealed later.[/i]

Post stats like this....

Arkali spirit: (Only seven, remeber, and two must be fire storm or shadow wraith)
Planet of Origin: (All arkali warriors are human)(Planets names are up to you)
Start weapon:
Final Weapon: (leave balnk for now)

or, if more want to join, do the same but without arkali spirit and final weapon... and if you really want, you can be a different race... here goes me...

Name: Deus
Arkali Spirit: Light Bringer
Age: 19
Planet of Origin: Ghilloria
Description: 6'2", blue eyes, short brown hair, always looks on edge
Bio: see first post
Start weapon: Talon Blade
Final Weapon:

PS edit: two notes..
1- sorry bout the double post... too long for one, it was ;) (ignore this, it's sorted now)
2- don't join unless you think you'll stay

oh yeah and, 3) if I find the time, and creativity.. I may write a 'history of arkali' or something, story in the stories/poetry section. ;)
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This looks cool.

Name: Kizu
Arkali Spirit: Icy Rage
Age: 14
Planet of origin: no clue
Description: 5'8, 128lb Blue Jeans, and a bright orange T-Shirt
Bio: He went to a large school since he was 6. And one day when he was 13 the Arkali Spirit that was inside him awakened. The next few days he had to stay out of school because everyone thought he was crazy. Now a year later he has a little bit of control over the spirit
Starts Weapon: Polished sword
Final Weapon:
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Name-Kain Onimusha
Arkali Spirit-Bringer of Chaos
Planet of Origin-Earth
Description-5'8,Black jeans,Gold and black shirt,Silver chain
Bio-He was a mercenary for hire when the spirit took him over.The spirit made him thoughtless and cold.He gained control but is still cold and silent....he just doesn't kill without reason.
Starting Weapon-Blood Thurst(sword)
Final Weapon-
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i think i should like to try this...

[color=seagreen] Name : Nikolaos
Arkali : Fire Storm
Age: 18
Planet of Orgin : Luna Sea
Description: 5?3, medium-build, black hair always in a braid in the back of her head, steel-grey eyes, looks distant and always wears black
Bio: *read main post*
Starting Weapon: Petite Filles (daggers)
Final Weapon: unknown...

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