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Cowboy Bebop: 2nd Ignition


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Several years after the downfall of the Syndicate, and Jet's recent death, everything seemed to go back to normal in the Universe. Though, every now and then there would be rumors of ex-Syndicate thugs terrorizing the people of Calisto. Upon hearing an actual report of Syndiacte members being sighted, the USF (Universal Space Fleet) sent out one of their best agents, also an ex-Syndicate Member himself, out to Calisto to investigate, only to have himself captured in a riot by the Syndicate members living on Calisto. Forming a new base, nothing was ever heard of Remington Matrix ever again upon that day. Many say he was murdered, others say he was tortured because of all he knew about the USF's defences and about the Syndicate. Though, their base was set up right in the middle of Calisto's capital to prevent bombing to kill them due to the innocent people. Many people on Calisto now live in fear, as others are captured and thrown into the dungeon, far below their HQ. With the Syndicate on the rise once again, the Universe is at stake once more. (Note: 6 years have passed since Remington's Arrest.)

Name: Remington Matrix
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Height: 6'1
Weight: 187
Location: Syndicate Prison
Comments: An Ex-Syndicate man who joined up with the USF due to his knowledge of the Syndicate's former alliance, but upon arriving at Calisto, he was Kidnapped and was never seen or hear from for 6 years to this date.
(Ok, some of the old CB's characters are still alive, Faye, Ein with Edward. You can start with any of these, from any location, or any char you can come up with. Eventually, one will have to fall into syndicate hands, but that dont have to happen anytime soon if you dont want, but the sooner, the sooner Remington enters the picture and the action starts.)
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