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Writing NGE/Gundam Wing: Blood War


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Five Years have passed since Endless Waltz. Mobile suit production is banned, and peace finnally seems a possibility.

At the same time, the battle against Tabris ends, finishing in the destruction of both the Angel and Shinji in 01's massive self destruct.

Now, a powerful man teams up with the thought to be dead fifth child, with their ultimate goal to cross back over the planes and protect others from the impending doom of the angels...



WRITTEN BY: ALEXANDER (hahale@yahoo.com)

I do not own Evangelion or Gundam Wing. Evangelion belongs to Gainax, Gundam Wing to Sunsoft. I in no way mean any offence or ill will towards them or their great work.


Silently, a lone figure walked through the darkened halls of Nerv. His form allowed him to bypass any guards, his ID through any security. His station provided him all the information he wanted. With all three things, he was able to slip unimpeded towards the tool he needed. At long last, he came upon the room he had been searching for.

Tabris looked into the eyes of Evangelion Unit 02. He gave a smile, and lifted off the ground. Had anyone been watching, they likely would be very suprised, seeing Tabris rise off the ground with no apparent effort. As it was, the bay was empty, most of the people gone for the night. Thus it was the perfect time for him to strike, to finish the dream. No one could stop him. He was the last and ultimate angel, the legendary angel of free will. He touched down on the Eva's shoulder, and smiled.

The Evangelion's eyes glowed, and with a deep throated scream, began to move. With a massive shudder, it broke out of it's restraints, ripped the massive doors off the wall, and began walking down through the catacombs of Nerv, down towards Central Dogma. Alarms blared and the remaining personel scrambled to stop Tabris and the berserk Unit 02. Tabris payed them no mind. Deeper they went, breaching door after door, untill at last he arrived before the twin massive doors which kept the first angel Adam locked away within. With a series of punches from the Eva, the doors blew inward, opening the way to his final destination. "At last, I can come home..."

Tabris hovered down from his perch on the Eva's shoulder, and looked across the vast lake of LCL to the giant impaled in the enormous cross that stood alone in the massive chamber. His eyes flashed, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. "Wait, this isn't....Lilith!"


Shinji Ikari ran down the corridor down to central Dogma, through the doors destroyed by the possessed Eva. Tears streamed down his face, both horribly sad and impossibly angry. "He betrayed me. He betrayed me like my father. They've all betrayed me! I trusted him with everything! Everything!" He pushed his Evangelion, Unit 01, to greater speed. The purple giant thundered down the halls, it's demon-like head perfectly mirroring the pilot's sentiments.

He keeled to a halt, looking at the scene with confusion. He moved forward, pulling out the progressive knife. Seeing the lone figure standing facing him, he swung, all his sadness and feelings of betrayal coming out at that moment. "You betrayed me! You betrayed me like my father! I thought we were friends! You're worse than my father!"

To his astonishment, the orange-red ripple of an A.T. field blocked the blow several feet short of his target. Shinji's face contorted with frustration. "I can't get thorugh!?!"

Tabris looked at him, at the demon-face of Shinji's Eva. With forced calmness, he called out to the mind-rattled boy. "Please calm down. There is no need for you to fight any longer. You won."

"W-wha..." Shinji's hand slowed, stopped.

"Do you see the creature on that cross?" He asked, pointing towards the white, seven-eyed giant. He knew that he could; in this place, it couldn't be missed, even if Shinji was having a complete mental breakdown. "Do you know who he is? Of course not. When would your father ever tell you anything?" Tabris frowned, wishing he could at least crack the cold hearted commander of NERV's seemingly uncrackable demeanor.

"That Angel you see there is not Adam! Not as Gendo and Seele have led you all to believe... If you knew about it at all." He stopped for a moment, and finished with a whisper that only Shinji could hear. "Not as Gendo and Seele had led ME to believe..."

The orange field surrounding Tabris vanished. Slowly, Eva 01 brought up it's hand. It stopped, wavering between slamming him away or pulling back.

"Shinji Ikari! You will kill the Angel now." Gendo ordered, his face appearing on the room's only viewscreen. "That is your final order. Do so and you may leave."

"So if I do so... I can leave you?" Shinji said, seeming hopefull. Gendo did not even make it past the "Yes." before a purple fist slammed into the screen, wrecking it.

"NEVER! I'LL NEVER LISTEN TO YOU AGAIN!" Shinji screamed at the useless screen. "I'LL DIE FIRST! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!"

Over the speakers astonished gasps and cries could be heard from the control room. From thier level of shock, it seemed quite clear at to what Shinji had done. Even Gendo's voice could be heard, more paniced now than it had ever been. Eva 01's self destruct had been activated.

Suprised, Tabris turned looked at the Evangelion, which had begun to glow a bright white. "But, Shinji... It is not your, nor their, time to die..."

Shinji had just enough time to gasp before the once-proud Evangelion Unit 01's core exploded, taking the final angel down with it.
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The mysteries grow exponentially in chapter one! But perhaps there are some answers waiting over the hill?

Chapter 1 (Incomplete)

Kaworu awoke with a massive headache. His eyes slowly opened; or one did. He gasped when he noticed the bandage covering his left eye. Slowly, he turned his head, and appraised the situation. Kaworu swallowed hard. His right arm was in a sling, several cuts on his body and just as many burns...what DID this to him? He had NEVER been hurt this much.

Still, for being injured more than ever, he wasn't feeling all that much pain. Sitting up, he looked around through slitted eyes. A medical ward, it seemed. 'How did I get here? Last I remember I was sleeping.'

The door opened, and he turned to face the newcomer. "Are you alright?" The man asked. Tall, with handsome features and swept back eyebrows he looked like the perfect aristocrat. He wore a blue military shirt that looked of old french design, long white pants with tall black boots.

Unimpeded by Kaworu's lack of replying, the man went on. "We found you only a few days ago. Since then we've been trying to wake you up." The figure commented, as he placed a stack of clothes next to Kaworu on the bed.

"Where am I?" Kaworu sighed, barely able to speak. So tired...

"On the outskirts of Tokyo-2; maybe three miles away. You live there?"

"No...I...work for Nerv...Kaworu Nagisa's my name."

The man nodded. "I thought so. Your Nerv ID card gave that away, I'm afraid, but I'm glad to see that your first-hand identity matches Nerv records...as little as they are."

Kaworu blinked. "How long have I been here?"

"Not very," the man agreed. "but enough's happened to warrant a refamiliarization. The day before we found you, lying broken in the outskirts of Tokyo-3, the 17th angel attacked Nerv. It managed to get through thier defenses and was only stopped when one of the Evas...Unit 01 I belive... self-destructed. Odd though. The explosion was completely confined to Terminal Dogma."

Kaworu froze. His voice cracked as he spoke. "Shinji...he's dead then, isn't he?"

"The pilot of the Eva?" The man nodded, rather slowly. "Yes. They're hard pressed to find anything left overthere."

Kaworu felt like he had been stabbed in the gut. Shinji dead?

"If it helps," the man soothed, "Sinji died fighting for a very noble cause, and will be remembered."

Kaworu said nothing, the thoughts of Shinji's death hitting him hard. He barely heard the man as he left, saying, "If you need me, my name is Trieze Kushrenada. I'll be outside."


Dr. Ray Stanford looked up from his laptop computer, his hand constantly twirling the pen around as if anxious.

"So, what'd he say? C'mon, Trieze, I need info..." He spun the pen around again, denoting his impatience.

Trieze sighed. "Calm yourself, Dr. It went along fine, up until the point where I mentioned the Thrid Child's death."

Another spin of the pen. "Oy. Not used to death, then...still. This could be a rather lucky break for us, you realize...if he really IS the fifth."

"You still think we can use him as a pilot?"

Dr. Stanford waved the comment away. "I build 'em, you use 'em, I get more things to build. Whether you can use them or not isn't my problem."

Ignoring the remark, Trieze moved on. "What about the retrieval of your partner?"

"It's been planned out, and it's ready to go. Everything's on that paper there." he said, pointing to a sheet of paper overflowing with information. "I'm just coming along to handle the diplomacy." Stanford answered with an idle wave. "Not that I'm a diplomat."

'You're nothing of the sort.' Trieze thought, a little more bite in the thought than was practical. Picking up the paper, he left the room. There was lots to do in the future, and everything rested on the hope that Dr. Stanford's little 'mystery' machine worked.



Dr. Ristoku Akagi was not a happy person. First imprisoned because of that *** Gendo, and now, lucky her, she was stuck in the prison room. All the power had failed from the gigantic explosion(she assumed it to be) and as such had been able to free herself from her cell without much trouble - only to find herself trapped in the prison room, unable to get out. The room's emergency supplies had run out not long ago. She frowned and tried the door again. Nothing. Arg! "Dammit! I'm a world-class genius! I shouldn't be trapped by a stupid DOOR!" She pounded the door with a nearby peice of pipe. 'Stop it, Ritsuko. This isn't like you. Figure your way out.'

Calming herself, and working by the light of the room's emergency lantern, she set to wark creating an alternate power supply for the door. After all, if the power was out, all it should take is a little re-wiring and a new power source, and the door'll be open in no time.

Halfway through the construction, she heard a faint scuffling and stopped. 'Did I just hear something? Did Gendo sent his people to get me again?'

The door hissed open, some debris clattering away. In walked three uniformed guards. Three, non Nerv guards.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked, standing up.

"What kind of gratitude is that, Ritsuko?" called a voice from behind the door. Ristuko's eyes bugged.

"Stanford! What is going on here? Are these your men?" She asked, walking through the doorway, to find said scientist sitting on a piece of debris, click-clicking his pen.

"My employer's men, actually. We heard that you were locked away here, so we decided you could use a hand. And an employer, incidentally, but you know how it is. Those of our type are always in demand, aren't they?" Click-click. That infernal pen!

Ristuko stood silent, glaring at the scientist. How the man could act the way he did and still get the funding he needed astounded her. Some partner he had been. "What's this employer of yours want with me? And who are they?"

"I'm not the one to tell you that, my boss's gonna be having a major meeting in about a day or so. Wants all the big boys there. Big suprise planned." He laughed.

'So what now, Ritsuko? Join up with...him again? I thought I'd never be seeing him, not after he left for the Americas...blast fate. Still, I need an employer, and if he's enough for Stanford he should be enough for me. I'll be damned if I work for Gendo again.'

"Fine. I'll talk to this 'commander' of yours. No promises." She said, regaining some of her composure. 'Besides, it's not like my situation can get much worse.'

Stanford smiled, and motioned to the corridor behind him. "Let's be going then. Let's go, you three." he said, motioning the three guards to follow.

Silently, they walked through the abandoned corridors of Nerv. Ritsuko gaped at the damage. "What happened here? There was obviously an explosion of some sort."

"Yeah, Unit 01 did a nice job of trashing the place didn't it? Odd though...the whole place shoulda been vaporized. I've gotta look into that, once I get the time." Stanford replied offhandedly.

"The final angel attacked then?"

"Yup. That's what's really weird about the whole mess. We hacked into Nerv's files, see, and even then, we found no trace of information on the final angel at all. Absolutely nothing...like he just went *poof* before any record were made!" Stanford demonstrated with his hands and made a big bang sound. The front guard glared at the loud Dr., who just shrugged."

Ritsuko frowned. 'The last angel's gone, then. But how the HELL did Stanford hack into the MAGI?' "Let's just go. I want to talk to your commander and hopefully get back to work."

Stanford nodded. "Righto then."


Standford's guards led them though the catacombs of Nerv. While, she noticed, staying off the main corridors. The building was still occupied.

They arrived at one of the hidden access points to the surface, and walked out into the open, where a group of three trucks were waiting.



"Thank you for coming see me, Kaworu, Ritsuko." Trieze said as he stood up from his chair at the table and greeted the two.

"I decided I might as well come, and find out what exactly you want from me." Kaworu replied.

"Let's begin then. Dr. Stanford, you were going to explain your theory and your new creation?"

Stanford smiled, his pen clicking with excitement. "Yes indeed. I did a lot of research based on records stolen from Nerv, and with some theological help from Mr. Kushrenada, was able to come up with the answer to the final fate of Eva Unit 04. The S2 organ that the Angels were 'powered' by runs directly by changing matter into energy. Now, the official explanation was that Eva 04 and all of Nerv Branch 4 was turned into energy during the reactor explosion. I've noticed, through special scans, a interesting wave-pattern the explosions caused by the angels and by Unit 04."

He pressed a button, displaying a glowing diagram of a dark, strange rift over the table.
"Now what's interesting is that the extreme pressure and heat from the explosion seem to create a temporary black hole." A video of Unit 00's self destruct appeared over the table.

"Stop!" The image froze just as Unit 00's self destruct finished. "Dim the light." Dr. Stanford said, reducing the glare to minimum before continuing. "This explosion had one, too. See the dark spot near the center? That's the blackhole created by the explosion. Now, I found that a field of signifigant force can change the black holes, increasing thier power or..."
he paused for effect. "..change it into a whormhole leading to a different place, possibly even another reality as we know it!"

He grinned at his audience's slightly sceptical looks. Ritsuko just looked amused. "Alright, Stanford. What's this device of yours?"

"What do you think? It's a variant of the S2 engine that creates a temporary whormhole powerful enough to act as a gate between two worlds, while keeping anything we transport completely intact."

Trieze's eye's glittered. "I realize that to you, what he is talking about sounds impossible. However, if you will follow me, we will give you a demonstration, and show you our *other* special creation." He gestured to the door, and walked out.

The group walked down the halls, finnaly reaching a pair of reinforced doors. Finally reaching the door, Trieze placed his hand on the scanner. With a click, the door opened into vastness. The room was huge, with several enormous elevators leading far above. They walked out onto the catwalks and stopped in front of the first elevator. Ritsuko's eyes narrowed. "Stanford, this looks like an Evangelion launch bay."

Trieze's face broke out into a smile. Turning away to face the elevator, he raised up a small metallic cylinder. "That's because it IS, Ms. Akagi." he said quietly, before pressing the tiny button on the cylinder.

With a ear-wrenching shriek, the room exploded into light. Several people, technitians and other people working around yelled, suprised. With a bang that shook the room, the empty space in front of them shifted...and no longer was empty. Disbelieving yells came from all around. Kaworu froze. Ritsuko looked at Stanford in absolute suprise. "How in the world did you build an Eva?"

The massive construct beared the exact markings of an Evangelion, though there were obvious differences. Seven eyes, arranged like that of Lillith glared at them impassively. A pair of wings came away from the Eva's back, while affixed to the Eva's arms were a single massive sword and a powerful, thick shield. Slung across the Eva's back was a long thin barrel that seemed to match the positron cannon's profile. The whole thing looked dangerous and vicous, like a demon waiting to be unleashed.

"This is the Epion, the first in the next generation of Evas. Designed to be the ultimate in close combat." Trieze spoke softly.

Kaworu looked at Trieze, his eyes darkened with a trace of anger. "Mister Kushrenada, you claimed all the angels had been defeated. There is no reason for the Evas anymore. If you expect me to pilot this...Epion...of yours as a weapon againsts humanity, I'm afraid I'll have to decline."

"It's nothing of the sort, Mr. Nagisa." Trieze said seriously. "I have had more than enough of killing. There are OTHER places that need protection from the angels. Other worlds." He smiled. "My world."

Ritsuko stampted her foot in impatience. "This is nonsence! Other worlds! Dimension warping?"

Trieze raised an eyebrow and countered with a cooly direct statement. "About as impossible as angels and the third impact, correct, Mr. Stanford? Armageddon itself?" He turned to Rituko.

In the same calm voice, he replied. "If you were willing to spend fifteen years and countless billions creating the Evas from nothing more than a prophecy from a few scrolls, I'd say you'd be just as willing to believe this."

The ackward silence was broken by Kaworu, who smiled sadly. "I shall do it." Kaworu said, suprising the flustered Ritsuko. "Shinji is dead. I have nothing left to lose."

"Fine. You'll need someone who has first-hand experience with Evas anyway." Ritsuko glared at Stanford again. "Asuming this thing works."

"I thank you, Mrs. Akagi; Mr. Nagisa. You can not possibly fathom how much this means to me."
Trieze dipped into a bow, his right hand extended aside.

Stanford clapped his hands together and laughed in joy. "Alright then! Let's waste no time! It's time to see what the Epion can do!"


Kaworu sat in the Epion's entry plug, a strange wave of nostalgia flowing through him. 'Here I am, piloting one of the lilim's machines. Wha-- lilim's machines? What am I talking about...'

"Kaworu, are you ready to begin?"


"Alright. Because we don't have any access to LCL, we had to create a synthetic duplicate. We're not sure how it'll effect testing, but it should still work." Stanford said into the speaker. "Filling the entry plug..."

Kaworu drew in a quiet, nervous breath as the light...blue?...liquid began to seep in from the bottom of the entry plug. Ridiculus. Nothing to worry about after all. It was only an Eva. He could pilot ANY eva if he wanted. So why was he worried?

In the control room, Stanford worked at the console, watching Kaworu closely as he went through the pre-activation steps. "LCL2 in place and oxygenated...routing power to the first circuits...begining phase one of activation..."

Kaworu closed his eyes, waiting for the tell-tale feeling of the Eva synronizing. He extended himslef through the emmitters...and stopped. "What?" Kaworu asked quietly in suprise. He pushed harder. Nothing was happening...

Ristuko looked over the machines, reading over the data as it flew past her on the screen. "Synchronization is...virtually nil! There's no response from the Eva at all..."

Stanford looked over, suprised. "What?! We've got everything in this thing! There's nothing we missed!" Click-click.

"Well, you forgot something, Stanford, because nothing's happening..." Ritsuko frowned.

'All of the Evas at Nerv had ...something...that the pilots had interacted with...what did Shinji call it...'

"Stanford! No one else has piloted this yet, has anyone?" Ritoku asked, an idea beginning to form.


"The Eva's still missing something then. All of the other Eva's had the soul of a deceased person in them...this one doesn't! Kaworu can't synchronize with the Eva because there's nothing to synchronize with!"

"What?" Stanford croaked. "That can't be right...rrrg!"

"Wait." Kaworu's quiet, strained voice came over the speaker. "There's still one way...."
He had strained himself almost to the limit by now, sweat beginning to stand out on his skin.
"One way I can do it..."

Ritsuko barely had time to ask, "What do you mean?" when the synchronization readings skyrocketed. "What's going on! Kaworu...EH?"

Stanford gaped at the videoscreen, where Kaworu's form was beginning to get less and less visible...as if he were fading away. "He's attempting to merge himself completely with the Eva! Astounding! None of the other pilots could do such a thing on purpose!"

"Synchronization at 399%... he's merged completely with the Eva..." Ritsuko could only stand there quietly,her eyes drinking in the information as it passed her. "Can you hear us, Kaworu?"

Kaworu's strained voice came over the speaker. "Please...quieter if possible. Everything's...very loud in the Epion. They eyesight is very impressive, as well..."

"Incredible." Stanford breathed. His face lit up with joy. "Using the Epion's sences directly, rather than having to go through his normal sences...this is beyond anything I imagined! Hehe!"
Stanford danced around in happiness, ignoring the astounded stares of his companions.
"It works! IT WORKS! Better yet! It LIVES!"

Trieze smiled. Perhaps he could go home after all.
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