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DBZ tournament Arena (sign in center)

Dark Sephiroth

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if u wanna join jus make a info on ur guy like this.

Level:SSJ4,Super Namek
Then u have 2 spend 200,000 points on ur guy on this

ki Blast:
kick power:
punch power:

Then make up 6 moves for your guy and 1 Finishing move
Then u make a short Bio

Your DONE!!!
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Name: Dark Gotenk Bio:Always calm when it comes fighting
Gender: M And likes 2 fly around namek.
Race: Human
Level: SS5

ki Blast:100,000
kick power:25,000
punch power:25,000

Move set
1.Dragon Blast:Fires a huge energy beam 2 enemy
2.Dragon Orb:Fires 20 small energy beam each w/ it's own target
3.kameHameha:A POWERFUL beam that is loaded w/ ki energy
4.Death Ball:A large Ball that could Destroy planets
5.Big Bang Ball:A mid. ball that is full of ki energy
6.Energy Dan:Fires multiple small energy balls
Finsher Move
Dragon Bomb:jus like a spirit bomb but added with a lil' of the dragons ki energys
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