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Writing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Guest Matt

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This is just the prologue for the long story i intend to write. I will post more chapters here as i write them. enjoy

Set after the Battle of Endor


On the planet Cardizem, far in the outer rim, a dark man stood against the rising sun. He wore a jet-black cloak, and on his hands, black leather gloves. His left hand was clenched into a fist. In his right hand, he held a black-silver colored cylinder. He stood in the middle of a field, yet no bugs or animals came near him. He stood alone. He raised the cylinder. I pure-white blade of energy extended 3 feet from the cylinder. He held his newly crafted light saber. He was the last student of Emperor Palpitine. He training was finished just before Palpitine left to go to the Second Death Star. Now, Rak was a Sith Knight. The Dark Side of the force flowed through his veins like a river of darkness. All was still. Rak deactivated his light saber and walked toward his ship, the Levitron. It had been the Emperor?s gift to him as a completion of his training. Rak knew the Emperor had died, and that a powerful Jedi had killed him too. It was now Rak?s first mission as a Sith Knight to eliminate this Jedi and all who opposed him.

Far, on the other side of the universe, Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, awoke in a cold sweat. He felt a sudden surge of darkness in the force, but what, or who, could it be?
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