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RPG Torgie Ryo:Tourment of Warrors


What is Tidus main move you see on the Game  

  1. 1. What is Tidus main move you see on the Game

    • Spear Shot
    • Juat Shot
    • Sin Shot
    • Poison Shot

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Welcome New Comer I'm Tero Valor Host and Warror.I hope You'll
Post here often Here is the lay out a all out combat between
Warrors,Wizdards,or what ever else.To see which is strongest to
Save the world from Evil.Fight with Warrors with light Orbs to face
the evil.

You make your own Charater,(or)Fight.

You can make a Team of at least 5

Collect 10 light orbs you or team have a choice of:Trainning to build power,speed,Tech.,or snipe(or accuracy)this takes Two Orbs.You or the teamcan choose to Collect more Orbs.The last two are you or the teamcan choose to battle a beast of power or you or the team can choose a Technique the team members can have(Some Techniques you need to train for or Win a Battle
Some Techniques need a certain number of Light Orbs to be up
-tained(or to buy).

Their are also Touraments to gain Orbs.Before a Battle you must
type down how many Orbs a fighting or a Team is lying on the line.At times Teams may help each other in battles.

Now this is how the battle system works....

A Play or a Team may Fight another Team or Player.

1st:Type your Players name (or Teams name and players on the
2nd:Type How many Orbs of your Team is putting on the line
3rd:when post Fight make Sound Real(no one hit Kills stuff)
4th:have one Member(or Team Member) at a time post so is to
act Fair
5th:When the battle will be won by a Trial of Juges.They'll
Juge on Realism,how many Post,How long the post is,Battle
Technique.The Juges also juge on what one move you win or
how many Orbs you win(in Beast Battles).The final destion on who
win what match will be posted by me.

I myself do not Know the evil that plages this world....

P.S. were registering fighters,warror,and Teams First before
getting in to fight I'll get the word from the juges go
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