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Writing Neon Starshine


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I got really bored and I thought, I'll post one of my best stories on the otaku boards! yet read this story at your own risk, I'm not responsible for anyone's sanity.

Neon Starshine
by Tiffany (AKA Angelus Necare)
the year is 3025, Mankind has evolved into a dark future since the twentyfirst century.
earth is now a barron wastelandravaged by war inhabited by rouge humans grasping for freedom, and fugitives condemned to walk its rocky deserts forever. The magority of mankind reside in a giant space city called Monatabius, the rest wander among the stars looking for hope.
Life is tolerable on monatabius, for the weak. people live in high skyscrapers that ascend into the foggy mists, looming over the damned that support the cyber punk nature. A low form of gpvernment remained, but only to keep the peace and put bounties on criminals. If you had money you were above the law.
Children were no longer hearded to schools, they lived in facilities until they could find jobs. These accidents of passion began work at age five or six where they started a hard life in a cruel world.
fun was unheard of life was sh*t. so goes the way of the human.
our story begins at the dismal, dark part of Monatabius, where someone waits.
Anima malus stood in a tall abandoned building gazing at her reflection in the smoky grey mirror. Her nape long brown hair feathered across her jade eyes, those sad deep jade eyes that saw so many things in the past. Anima turned around and placed her back to the window, she paused to look at the door and to listen, silence. Anima then closed her eyes and tried to bring herself back to a time that happened two years ago...
* * *
A young girl woke to the sound of an alarm clock, buzzing in one irritating tone.
"yes I'm up" she muffled from under the pillow and the noise stoped.
This was Anima at the age of eighteen, so inocent and young, she worked at a space mechanics shop, she was diligent and clever and everyone seemed to like her. Anima once had hold of this somewhat normal life.
Anima, spread her arms either side of her, her bed was empty. she pulled her head from the pillow, her long hair was strewn across her face.
"Angelus?" said anima sitting up, her bare body made her shiver, throwing on a Tee shirt she moved from her bedroom to her living room.
"angelus?" she called again, her apartment was empty. Anima glanced at the clock it was ten thirty, her eyes widened into an expression of fear.
"No!" anima shouted as she dashed for the phone, haistily yet surely she dialed a number. after a few rings an answering machine picked up.
"[i]hello, this is angelus, I'm either not home or I'm wasted"[/i] A chuckle vibrated through the receiver [i]"I'll call you back when I get home or when I'm sober, Bye!'[/i]
"Angelus pick up!" anima shouted at the phone, no response, "please angelus tell me it's not true!" still nothing, Anima hung up the phone sobing.
She knew where he went and if her guesses were correct he was alredy dead.
well I just cut my finger open and I'm bleeding all over the keyboard so I'll post more of it later in the mean time tell me what you think.
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ok I'm back and bandaged! let's comtinue...
"[i]no[/i]" anima thought wiping a tear from her eye, "[i]Stop crying, you're stronger than this, you need to find him[/i]"
and with a heavy sigh, Anima colected herself and started to get dressed.
Anima looked up at the overcast smog that was the everyday sky letting rain flick her face before she pulled her hood over her eyes.
anima lightly trodded down the street as other strangers were tightly packed against her, she stared at their downcast faces filled with anguish and lost hope. the crowd eventualy dispursed as anima headed for the bad side of town, this was the part of town that the criminals and gansters lived in.
Anima shuddered as she passed between large empty buildings, their empty stare bore into her soul, she felt the buildings loathed her for she was able and alive while they were dead and still. Anima came to the building she was looking for, a giant grey crumbling mansion.
"it's now or never" anima whispered to herself as she ascended the steps, they seemed to go on forever untill she came to the door. It was a large "dead" door, it reaked of rotting oak and the ceaseless amount of cracks and lines covered it compleatly. anima was afraid if she knocked it would fall down, but before she cpould rap on the door an eye slit clicked open then clicked shut. slowly the "dead" door creaked open and the darkness beckoned anima inside.
Anima walked into the darkness, like a black hole from which nothing escapes. suddenly the large oak door slamed behind her and made her spin around, with a childish intention to see if she was right about the door falling down. to anima's surprise the door didn't fall down, instead there was the outline of a rather large man standing there, anima swallowed and stood perfectly still.
"why hello Anima" came an all to familiar voice, anima faced front again to see the voice's host.
"ubicaprius" she spat throught gritted teeth.
A lighter ignited and Anima could see his face, that horrible evily handsom face with his yellow eyes and twisted grin. she could also she his constant slicked black hair shimmer in the lighter's presence. below he was probably wearing the same black suit and gloves that he was never seen without. Ubicaprius wasn't very strong yet he had many goons hiding in the shadows, ready to support their twenty year old leader.
"where's Angelus?" anima shouted weakly. Ubicaprius chuckled and extinguished the lighter. the room went black then lit again with the warm glow of candles that surrounded the room, next to each candle was a red rose fresh with dew on every pedal. the room was also lavishly furnished with crimson antique furniture that accented the cream colored walls, yet one ottoman seemed to fade and fuzz.
"nice trick" anima muttered to herself. the room consisted of holograms, a deadly trick for a girl wearing her heart on her sleeve.
"you don't like it?" ubicaprius asked inocently.
"That may have worked a long time ago but I belong to another now where is angelus!?" anima asked again.
Ubicaprius was ignoring her request, he wanted to continue this little game of his for as long as possible.
"let's find something a little more your taste" he said snapping his fingers. The room went from romantic to nightmare, the light of the candles was replaced by a single bare lightbulb, the furniture now became a card table and metal folding chairs, the cream colored walls were now cracked and caked with soot and and other unspeakable substances.
"anima" Ubicaprius said bringing her attention back to him, "you're becoming more and more lovely every time I see you"
"[i]you only saw me the other day you creep[/i]" she thought to herself. Ubicaprius moved closer to her,
"anima, I want you to be mine"
Anima moved back, then triped and fell into a folding chair, sahe had now realized that she had carelessly walked into the lion's pit.
"n-no, I want to know where Angelus is." anima stated again.
"like a broken record" ubicaprius grumbled pulling a pendant on a chain from his pocket, anima gasped when she saw it. It was angelus's pendant that he was never seen without, ubicaprius held it up and read the inscription on the back.
"love conquers all" he said in a disgusted tone, tossing it at anima. anima was ready to cry when ubicaprius brought his face close to hers.
"Anima" he began, "be with me, I could give you everything he couldn't I am capable of love, you and I were meant to be."
Ubicaprius pressed his lips to anima's, she was slowly forced to open her mouth.
"[i]no, no this isn't supposed to happen[/i]" anima screamed in the back of her mind, "[i]angelus[/i]
A tear rolled down anima's cheek, she clutched Angelus's pendant in her hand, the smell of Ubicaprius's calonge was to strong it made her head swim. Anima then jumped back so violently that she knocked her chair over.
"you bastard!" she screamed, pulling a gun concealed in her jacket, "you killed him!"
ubicaprius laughged, "you honestly think you can shoot me!"
beforew he knew it anima fired a shot that nearly hit his face leaving a mark that dribbled blood. Anima, astonished at what she did droped the gun as Ubicaprius fussily swiped blood from his face.
"It could have been!" he shouted, "I didn't kill him, but you will never find him!"
before anima could think about what he said she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head a flash of white then darkness.
I'll write more later...
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