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Hey, were are some cool Gundam Sites?


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:cool: [COLOR=darkblue]Dun worry I'm new too. No one replies much to my stuff either. [/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]But lucky you I've got a bunch of sites up my sleeve. ;)[/COLOR]

[URL=http://www.pcola.gulf.net/~ekroll/gundam_wing_realm.htmcom]Gundam Realm[/URL]

[URL=http://livingangel.www9.50megs.com/gundamwing/index2.html]Duo's Know-it-all Wing[/URL]

[URL=http:/myanimeclips.tripod.com/gw.htm]Gundam Streaming Video clip page[/URL]

[url]http://ultiex.terrashare.com/index2.htm[/url] UltiEx Gudame Wing


Hope this is helpful...
:D Mari is only here to help! ^_^

If you want some more links or one of these isn't working you can send a PM or [EMAIL=flikgirl_2000@yahoo.com]email me[/EMAIL]
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