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RPG The Dryphon Tamers (sign up)


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how many of you have read the pern series? well this is based a little bit on the series.
700 years in the future on Pern and no thread has fallen for many passings. they thought they got rid of the thread, but what the never expected was that the tread has become more pentiful and more dangerous. the dragons are too few and only one wyre
is left. and only 100 dragons can fight.
a new creature has arisen to fight the thread. only 7 new people have ever been able to spot and impresse these creatures
they are the dryphons, half bird half dragon. amazingly agile swift

edit: im going to finish now. my anut came and needed to use the phone but ok.

and cunning. useing mind speech they can contact their riders.


i only need 6 more people.

name:(may be shorted if you're a guy)
gender:(be truthful)
color and type of drypgon:(colors blue,bronse, brown males. golds/queens , greens female. queens are the only ones that can lay eggs)(type land- running dryphon can still breath fire. air- dragon/ feathered wings can flly)
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good choice. the queen can run up to60 or 70 miles per hour. 80 or 90 miles when her mating cycle kicks in.

here is the air dryphon pic the computer swrewed it up a little.

i will put more details up on the story later. i still need 5 more people. oh and you can have a firelizard or dryphonet as a pet. one of each or two of one. no more over two. and i need the names of your pets and dryphon.

Name: Ravin
Gender: Female
age: 14
Dryphon: type-air color-gold Name: Rouk
(optional)Dryphonet/ firelizard: Type-air color bronze Name:Clash
Firelizard: Queen Name:Ecco
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your age may be used i really dont know. it depends on how it turns out. Tigervx ill give you a litle help the colors are bronze, gold, blue, brown, and green, so since we have a gold of each type ill set you up with a Bronze.
ice mage humm. would you settle with an air type siberian dryphon that breathes cold fire? or a ground type? i have a pic of a ground one with its harnis. an air one is basicly one with wings.

Sere i slill need your stats.

4 down 2 to go.
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one question. would you all mind if we only went in with 4 people?
it will be a lot easier. oh well. i need your answers and if we decide to go with this then more with just have to join in with the story. tigervx your welcome and thank you sere for posting.

more when i start the real thing.
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