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RPG Star Wars Episode VII- The Final Chapter


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This rpg takes place after the events in Return of the Jedi, Episode VI by 18 years. Leia and Han were married, then took the position of High Chancellor in the new Republic. At their side was Luke, who had became the Jedi Council's High Commander. With Corusant now repopulated with thousands of people, it had became the center of the Republic. But, deep inside the new Republic there are a select few who traveled the path of darkness and are scheming to overthrow the Princess and destroy the new Republic as what happened during the Clone Wars which started the Dark Empire.
Ok. There are 5 others on the Jedi Council which can be anyone, first come first serve i always say...then, for the side of evil there is 8 or more if nessisary, but we need one person who can write [i]evily[/i] to be the leader of (whatever he names the dark side). Then, for the side of good we need someone who can write [b]godly[/b] to be the one above Leia, head of the Republic. (Can be Han Solo if wanted.) You can also start out as a trader, fighter pilot, a fleet commander, general...etc. out in space or anywhere. Use the first part here as reference if needs be to get a good start. If you have questions about the story, people, or positions pm me.
The quietness of space...it still haunts me after the accident 14 years ago that killed my parents...even now i still regret returning to the one place i said i wouldnt...where everything started all those years ago...

"Sir?" A soft voice is heard from behind a curtain. A man with long brown hair, tied behind his head, wearing a brown jedi suit with a black cloan on top of it, a moustashe and beard across his face, showing he's about 30 or more. He turns around as a red-headed girl walks out of the back of the ship in a red uniform.

"Yes Naomi, what is it?" As the man says it, Naomi walks over to the seat next to him and sits down.

"I just heard about what happened..." The man turns away, looking out into space as she says that.

"it's perfecticully understandable...I mean, my parents were killed too." As naomi says that, he turns around, looking at her.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Anyhow, there's something you wanted to tell me?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah. We'll be arring at Corusant withen the next few minutes." he nods to her as he sits back, sighing a bit. She smiles a bit, standing up and walking back into the back as the planet starts to come into view.

"There it is...my homeworld..." The ship continues to race across space, slowing down slightly as it enters the atmosphere, a valent red glow appearing in front of it as the nose of the ship glows red slightly before it passes though the atmosphere into the clouds. Several miles below as the ship goes back on a straight course, hundereds of smaller ships can be seen flying around, far off in the distance, the Senate chambers with the Home Office. It's late evening with the sun nearly gone, but the pathways of the city highly illuminated by it. The man looks around outside as the ship lowers down into the many pathways of the city, moving slowly up until it reaches a floating platform with a golden ship, outside standing 4 other people in red unifroms standing behind a dark-brownheaded princess Leia, and a blonish brown headed Han. As the ship locks on, the man stands up, pushing his cloak back, a Jedi Saber flashing a tiny bit as he steps forward though the passenger compartment up to the airlock. As it slides open, he lifts up his hand to block the sun for a second before he steps out, around the height that Qui Gon Jinn was during the times of the Trade Federation. He stops directly off the ship as the door slowly slides shut, pulling away. As it clears the platform he takes several steps forward, kneeling down the coming back up. Han takes a step forward, extending his hand to the man. He reaches out and shakes it carefully, as if he was slightly fearfull.

"What's wrong kid? You seem a bit strange." says Han in his usual cocky voice.

"Nothing sir."

"Hey, i dont want none of that sir stuff. I didnt join up with this so I could ju-" before he finishes Leia steps forward and puts her hand over his mouth, shaking her head.

"Han, dont start..." She lowers her hand as he speaks again.

"Well, sorry princess! you know i dont like that!" Leia points over to the ship as han growls, turning around and walking off. Leia then looks at the man.

"Sorry about that, Han can be...strange at some times."

"That's just fine Princess." She cocks her head some looking at him.

"By the way...i never caught your name or why your here...Luke never told me."

"Oh...I'm Nau Tri Jinn. Desendant of Qui Gon Jinn Princess."

"Oh, so your the one coming to replace Luke as Council leader...you know you have to pass his tests first, he doesnt give into things as easy as he used to...but, I think you might have a good chance, coming from the Jinn House Nau."

"Just call me Nananki or Trin Princess." She nods some as she extends her hand towards the ship.

"Anyhow Trin...I think it's time we got going. You can get cleaned up and rested before your meeting with Luke in the morning."

"Yes Princess." he puts his hand up to his head as she nods, then him and the princess walk onto the ship, the 4 soldiers following behind them as the ship lifts off slowly, then heading off towards the Home Office.

ok, this here's the point where we need the council members. we can have 3 minimum, but as many as we can would be better.
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A star wars RPG!!!!!
this info will help you understand my charecter.

name;Abob Teff
equipment; body armor, laser sniper rifle, special body suit with yalsamari hair engrained to protect him from force users
side; bountey hunter (whichever side pays the most or signs him first...)

Abob Teff ship the, Mandalore, had just come out of hyperspace above the capital of the new republic.

He once again ran a full diagonistic on his modified corillian blocade runner. He had worked on it with Shug nix in his spacebarn before it closed down and he had installed some very illeagil equipment. He had kept only 6 of the 10 engines operational( the ones on the top and bottom rows) he had replaced two of them(the center ones) with a heavy laser turret from a imperial class star destroyer . The other two had been replaced with modified escape pods that were, in effect computer controlled mini- fighters. He had also used his savings on a excellent sheil generator and a experiemental cloaking device. (which he hasent installed , yet ...) His final ajustment was to get rid of the crew quarters so he would have somewhere to carry cargo.

He landed at the spaceport, bribed the traffic controller and headed for the deep underground, to meet his master.................

:devil: :devil: :devil:

:mrt: I pity da fool who dont like Star Wars!!!!!!!
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