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RPG Final Fantasy X: Aftermath(play)


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(takes place on Besaid island 2 years after sin)

group of young men: Marry me please lady Yuna

Wakka: Come in yuna dinners ready
(inside the house)
Lulu: What a tough day

Yuna: You think you had a tough day at least you dont have 20 men proposing to you

Lulu: Well you dont have a child yuna

Nale: were you talking about me mom?

Wakka: Come on Nail time for bed(lulu and wakka are married at the time)

(Yuna after dinner out side alone)

Yuna: Man i wish Tidus was here
(rikku ran out from no where)
Rikku: Yunie Yunie

Yuna: Rikku?

(they hug)

Yuna: ive missed you so much

Rikku: ive missed you too but ive got something to show you(she pulls out a spere) This

Yuna: A sphere??

Rikku: yeah kihmari gave it to me

(the sphere appears to be Tidus)

Yuna: Huh its tidus!!!!!

(tidus in side the sphere)
Tidus: God dam you let me out of here. Why are you capuring me tell me tell me.

Yuna: hes in trouble

Wakka: whats all the noise out here about?

Yuna: its tidus hes been capured
(rikku shows him the sphere)
Wakka: Man its him

Rikku: we have to find him
(yuna nods)

the next morning Lulu, Rikku, Wakka, Yuna, and even Auron and kihmari got on a boat and went out to find tidus................


Thats kinda what happened in FFinternational.
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IF IT ONLY TAKES PLASE 2 YEARS AFTER FFX THEN LULU KID WOULD NOT BE OLD ENOF TO TALK and you should add some more info like what some one needs to post to join and do you use one of the ppl from the game or make your own
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