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RPG Pokemon: Masterball Tournament (For Advanced Trainers Only)(Sign ups)


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Ok, there are only going to be around 5-7 people chosen for this RPG so don't expect to be in it but don't expect to not be in it.

This is a little different then regular Pokemon so I hope it will make sense. This is kinda a mix between Digimon and POkemon.

In this RPG you only have one basic pokemon. It will never evolve or grow to a different level or stage. You also have a device somewhat like a digimon d-arc. You use this to swip pokemon cards for different pokemon attacks or items:potions, gust of winds, etc.. You can also swip for lets say a Dark Dragonite and use his Pokemon Power. You battle like this and whoever is the winner gains and/or loads half of the enemy pokemons power.

Now this is a tournement in front of a crowd of 20,000 people. The ref will all out match ups. Any questions PM me. If I PM you then you are in the RPG, if you dont then you aren't.

Name: Zarith Deathstrike
Age: 15
Basic Pokemon: Suicune
Description: Jeans, Black amercrombie shirt and black cap.
Bio: Has been a trainer since he turned ten.[/size][/color]
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Interesting idea...

Name:Marth Rigfield


Basic Pokemon:Charmeleon

Description:Independant Truck co. shirt, Circa shoes, green hair, blue eyes, about 5'9 in height, baggy black jeans, skateboard

Bio:Half pro skater half Pokemon Trainer. What more fo you need to know?
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Discription: Dark-brown hair,Red shirt,blue and yellow hat,blue jacket, and blue jeans.His eyes are hazel.

Bio: He's always up to a challenge and has a short temper when he get's angry,but when he's angry he becomes terribly focused and stops at nothing to finish his job.His pokemon are exactly the same way he is.
Basic Pokemon:Totodile
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