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Dante the Demon Slayer

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A strange man dressed all in black is destroying cities all over the place. My home was just destroyed along with my son. I am now searching for it and looking for companions.

Sign up like this:

Appearance:Tall, Blue pants, Black shirt, Black belt, Black shoes, Dark brown spiky hair
Trained by: My father who died while defending me as a child.
Power level: 30,200,047 (Be reasonable! No more than 35,000,000 for now!)
Race:Half Saiyan
Major Attacks: (no more than 5, for now!) Miracle beam, Omega cannon, and Particle beam (finishing move)
Bio: Trained by my father, I grew up knowing only marshal arts. My father was killed when I was a child by a sorcerer. I got revenge 2 years later. Now I am just seeking adventure
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Name: Shin-Jai
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Aperence: Blue Vest, and blue pants(kinda like Goku in GT)
Trained By: Goji a man of martial arts, and a great frieng of Shin-Jai
Power Level: 29,749,200
Race: 100% saiyen
Attacks: Kamehameha, Death ball, Burning attack, Spirit Bomb (finishing move)
Bio: He teaches Martial Arts and he always willing for a fight
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