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RPG Return of the phantoms


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This rpg is about a alien called a alterien that is forced into hell by some freak called metal telempahthey. He kills just about everhting on his planet. The only way to repopulate the planet is to find the mystic gems of recreation and the seven of dragons of destruictions. A dragon is complely indestructable and can only be turned good by the Sword of Life (that may sound corney until it is shatered) that holds the elements mighty power. Now comes you. You now control phantom a beast now dedicated to killing the lives for vengence.You controle his fate.
Your weapons to start with.
a ice trident
a flame saber
a wind powered crossbow
The sword of life(until it is shaterd)
A phantom bomb
And last but not least a earth mase
PM with what you think and see how you fate will end up
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