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Writing Chills


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[SIZE=1]As I walked down the hallway, I heard three people talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying. It just sounded like a mumble. I walked in the library, because I forgot to check my boooks out. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you my name, Johnathon Micheal Lex is my full name. I am short a little chubby, but I am a little tall to, my mom says, well anyway, I walked down the hall back to the exit of the school. I got my books checked out, and now it was time to go home. But wait, I forgot one of my books. I noticed it about to the exit, so I went back to the library. I got my book, but as soon as I pulled it I heard screams, of three people, but I had no clue to who they were. They were saying HELP! I couldn't waste anytime so I ran to where I heard the vocies, annd there-there it was. Three people, my friends Billy Jane and Carlos, they were getting eaten my a monster. I couldn't do anything, but I threw my books at it. I knocked it over, but it got back up and came after me. I saved my friends, but not me. I looked for anything I could use and I found a disk. I cut the fiend, as hard as I could. He struck back a little, but it barely fased him. I grabbed my friends and we ran away as fast as we could, but sure enoguh the monster caught us again. I struck at him a second time. It gave us just enough time to run. We ran as fast as we could to the exit door, it was locked. There was a front exit that we went to, it was locked. We went to the middle exit it was locked. All we could do was run to a window and jump to a balconoy. We got there, and we had to climb a ladder down. I was afraid of hights and, I couldn't climd ladders to good. But I faced my fears that day, I did what I had to do. The monster tried to climb down but he was stuck. I threw the disk, and it stuck him. He was destroyed, and we had to get home. Billy Jane and Carlos, had to eat at my house, then we drove them home. We were gladwe got out of that school, but who knows, the monster could be watching anybody! [/SIZE]
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