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RPG Lord Of The Rings, Search for sauron


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The world of Middle Earth is being terriorized by Sauron and the One Ring. A group of warriors will be chosen to search and Destroy Sauron and The Ring.

You Can be eather a:Elf(Me:blush: ) Hobbit, Dwarf, Man, Ranger, Orc(if you wanna be evil:devil: ) Troll(also if you wanna be evil) Wizard and of course the dark lord Sauron...
Post a BIO like this to enter:

Name Lauren Greenleaf
Father (optional)Legolas Greenleaf
Height 4`10
Bio:This YOUNG warrior is very good with the bow and arrow. Her Father, Legolas, has taught her well. Although she does not know it, she is The Princess of northern Mirkwood.
Looks:Long, black hair, Carries a Bow and Quiver with plenty of Lorien arrows.
Personality:Loves fighting and exploring middle-Earth.

Have fun!:D
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