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RPG Crystal Fighter's


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The Story

The year was 1974. A new top secret organization was working on some new technology. There were only two main people working on it Rieko Riki and Shiren Lei. They were experimenting on these power rock's they had found way back. Riki and Lei's job was to put the power of that big rock into a lil crystal form shape. There goal was to make it so one man could have total control of this power. After 3 years of hard work they had made 4 crystals that they believed where good to test out. They found 4 people to test these new crystal's. After 3 weeks the three of the people died. But the one who survived he gained new ability's. Super speed,strengh,agilty, and also chi power. Even without the crystal the guy still had power's it was one of the advantages. But Riki didn't want to stop just there so he made some adjustment to the power of the crystal. So when a person activates it they gain new ability's (speed etc..) and also a special type of armor that is he hard to damage. He wanted all this power for himself he didn't want to share it with no one so he killed his partner Lei.

Rieko made 3 new prototype crystals, they where made to be the most powerful ones of them all. But it would take time to unlock it's power. So he went to America and gave one of the crystals to a kid and went to Europe and Japan and did the same. It is now 2004. Rieko changed his name to AI No. He made a game out of the crystal's. To make him self money he call's it Crystal Fighting.But to be a crystal fighter you have to least be 17 or older. People all over the world fight to see who is the greatest fighter in the world and if you win the tournament you get 50,000. But for the Ultimate tournament with is held every 3 years if you win you and the rest of your group get 5.5 million. The tournament are haled in 3 places Europe, America, and Japan. But the new Ultimate tournament coming up is going to be helped at Ai No place "The City in the Sky."

Ai No is also making something new. He has got all his the information that he needs now to make the ultimate weapon. He's going to make his own humans born with the crystals inside there body's. Cause now all the power has gone to his head. And the only people he believe that might get in his way are the ones he gave the Hyper crystals. So he is going to have the tournament at his place so all the most powerful people well be there and he can kill them all. Unless we stop him.

The way the tournament work is. When you are in a tournament you fight with a group of 3. So it's 3 on 3. And there are no rules anything goes. You have HP (health points) and CP (Chi power). The fight don't stop Intel every member on your team HP is gone. But you only do group battles in torment. Outside of the tournament you can only do single battles. Singles battler help you get you your HP and Cp. up fast cause after every battle both HP and CP goes up a 1,000. But if you fight someone more powerful then you and some how you beat them there's no telling how much you hpand cp goes up.You can make up what kinda crystal you have. 2 other people can get the other 2 prototype crystal. But if you do you either have to be at America or Europe. But later we are all going to meet if we haven't in the beginning. If your a crystal fighter you have to be in a group of 3. Oh yea and the crystal is small. You wear it on you hand like a watch,( Basically it's something that looks like a watch with a small crystal in the middle.) What ever crystal you have that's the kinda transformation you do. ex: Since I have the hyper crystal I'll do the Hyper transformation. Almost forgot Ai No has so much power if your in school and you have a crystal fight it well be excused and battles can happen anywhere.



Rank: Group:
HP: everyone start's out with 15,000
CP: everyone start's out with 15,000

My stats:

Name: Sho Kirie
Age: 18
Location: Tokyo, Japan
techniques: Took Karate at for 4 years then Hakkyokuseiken for 5.
Appearance: (Look at Attach)
Bio: Since he was 10 years old he always wanted to be a Crystal fighter but he was to young. He believed that he was ready sense he had a lot of martial art's training on his belt. One day he saw a Crystal battle right in front of his eye's. Ai No was one of the fighter's but Sho didn't know who he was at the time. That crystal battle was one of the best battles Sho has ever seen. He knew that who ever this guy was that this guy was every powerful and he knew how to use his crystal to the max. Once Ai No beat his appoint he then saw Sho and walked over to him. He asked him how old he was Sho told him and Ai No took off his crystal and gave it to Sho. He didn't say anything to him he only told Sho that he had the Hyper crystal. Once he got that crystal he knew that he was going to be the best but in order for him to be the best he knew he had to fight this guy who gave him the crystal. Sho has did nothing but Crystal Fight and school on the side. He fight's so that one day fight Ai No.

Rank: # 1 in Japan
Group: The Blood Pack (Leader)
Crystal: Hyper Crystal
Moves: Sacrifice,(he transferrers his HP to his CP to gain more power), Destruction(foces all his power to one point of the body then lets it all out)
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used to live in America(where she got her Crystal) then she moved to Tokyo, Japan
she has stuided evry type of fighting skill, Joujitsu, Kung Fu, etc...
look at da Attar
Lauren was very Young when she found the Fire Crystal. Ever since shes found it, shes been a Lonor, always training. For eight Years shes been training, now. after she beat all the tournaments in America, shes headed for Tokyo to test her skills.She Uses Fire in all her attacks
1# in America.
Leader of the Fire Pack
Fire Crystal
Fire Kick(Kick goes so fast, it seems as if her leg is on fire) 1st move she learned. Fire Glow(She glows with fire to regan some CP or HP)Fire Punch(pretty much the same as Fire Kick) and last, but DEFINATLLY not least, The Hyper Fire(Every single kick Punch, Karate move, Loujitsu move, special move etc... put together for a huge destructive move(she cant use this without her losing counciousnouis after Doh!)
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