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Gaming Rate my team plzz..vaporjolt..

Gary Oak

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tell me what ya think..?

Lovely kiss

ice beam

ice beam

drill peck

gengar@scope lens
fire punch
giga drain

Machamp@quik claw/leftovers
rock slide

pretty normal..but ive beaten people with it...

rate me plzz...

[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]if any flamming happens im closing this w/o warning so keep it polite people.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=deeppink]I just thought you'd like to know that Vaporjolt hasn't been o for 3 weeks, so don't hold you breath for the master of Team Ratings to give you rating. ;)[/COLOR]

[color=green][size=6]Vaporjolt! answer my P.M.! I want those team suggestions![/color][/size]
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[color=blue][font=Comic Sans MS]*trumpet sounds* I have returned. Yay. Lesse what we gots here...

Curse over Blizzard. You can LK on turn one, and at least get one or two Curses in for EQ & Shadow Ball. At least Ice Beam over Blizzard. A non-STABed Blizzard won't make much of a difference, anyway, I says.

Niceness. If you threw out Blizzard/Ice Beam on 'queen, keep Ice Beam. Otherwise, use Flamethrower/Fire Blast. You might want to consider Bright Powder as an attachment, making the 4x powerful but already inaccurate Cross Chop less likely to hit.

That's three Ice Beamers. Prolly Psychic over IB.

Yummy. :tasty:

Explosion over Destiny Bond. Kind of sucky with mediocre attack, but with Scope Lens, you never know...

Standard. Encore is thrown up in the air between Light Screen and Counter. But if you've been having success with Encore, fine.

3x ground weakness! It's okay though, if and only if the grounder doesn't know Rock Slide (Zappy w/ HP Ice). Unfortunately, many grounders also know Rock Slide. That aside, I see no real problems with your team. It should pwn well.[/font][/color]
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but 1st of all its king not queen..lol..but same diff..so it dont matter..

well glad ur back...
and welcome back...cant believe u were gone for 3 weeks..and ur posts isnt very high..why not..

well anyways...i think i will take out blizzard and use curse but i dont know if it will work..but i will try it..and ice beam on tyranitar has been helping me alot..after i take out the champs thats when i use t-tar..so im not gonna replace ice beam.....plus hes my sweeper...no offnese i love ur advice...

and i will have a new team coming soon..cuz this one is more like a strategy team rather then full metal jacket like the other one...
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