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Writing The Real Folk Blues


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As you know the song "Real Folk Blues" is from Cowboy Bebop.Just kinda inspired me to make a poem about it.Criticism accepted.

The real folk blues you get
once a lifetime because you
only live once

As life goes by so do you
as you carry on the real folk

A life in muddy rivers isn't
so bad as long as you only
live it once

The real folk blues come
to you before death and
after it

One gets tired of the real
folk blues when one has
lost his or her will to live

A life in muddy rivers can
be as bad as a gunshot
or a stab in the chest

But as long as you
remember that all
that glitters is not

The Real Folk Blues..........

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You can listen to it here.[URL=http://www.cowboybebop.da.ru]Real Folk Blues[/URL] You can only hear the music not the lyrics.How to get there?Click on let's jam and go to audios.Then look for real folk blues.Then click on midi then click on lyrics.AND THERE OU GO!!Tell me if the link doesn't work.
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