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Chrono Cross The Dark Portal 1 (sign in)

Dark Sephiroth

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Years have past since the dark portal the very same portal that lead the dark ogres to our planet (Xentron). And destroy it but the ogres was destroyed by warriors w/ powerful magic and the magic they had was used 2 seal the dark portal. but the seal was brok'n by a dark shaft (Zanther). Now powerful warriors(that is YOU) has been called upon by the mighty gods to once again seal the portal and destroy the ogres that our running rampaging through out our planet Xentron.
2 join jus make a warrior like this!!!

Name: make up a name
Age: choose a age
Gender: Male,Female
Elements: Fire,thunder,rock,nature
Armoy: helmet,armor vest,sword,crossbow,shield,spike glove,etc
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???- my lord the ogres as been release
???-a dark shaft released them
???-wut should we do
god-we will summon warriors 2 stop them
???-like who
god-the 2 warriors called Sage and Sephiroth
???-yes my lord i shall send 2 our knights 2 get them
god-now go before were 2 late
???-yes my lord

the ??? man went 2 get 2 knights 2get the mighty warriors sage and sephiroth
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after the ??? man got the knights they go and search for the two warriors Sage and Sephiroth

Knight 1:hmm where are they

Knight 2:i dont know wait there they are

Knight 1:yup thats them

the two knights run over to Sage and Sephiroth as they are training against eachother

Sephiroth lunges towards Sage almost hits him but he dodges the attack the lunges back at him but Sephroth dodges his attack as well

Sage: oh your gettin good

Sephiroth:so are you

The tow knights reach sage and sephiroth

Knight 1: sage and sephiroth i presume

sage and sephiroth stop and look over at the knights


Knight 2:we have an urgent messege from the gods

Knight 1:yes the has been opened again by a shaft and ogres or comin out all over the world we need your help

Sephiroth:hmm i see we'll help you


Knight 1/2:thank you mighty warrior

Knight 1:follow us the gods will further explain this to you

Sage/Sephiroth: ok

Sage and Sephiroth follow the two knights back to where they came from....
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has sage/sephiroth were following the 2 knights 2 the kingdom of gods sage saw a group of orges jump from ledge 2 ledge on top of buildings

sage-hey did u see that seph???
seph-saw wut?

seph look out the diriction that sage was pointing at

seph-wut the hell our those?!?
sage-dont know
knight 1-those r orges

then out of nowhere orgres attack sage,seph,and the 2 knights from there backs
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