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Anime Gundam Quiz

Ice Dragon v2

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I haven't made these in a looooong time.
Let's see if these aren't too obvious.

1. Name the 3 Gundams that has the Core Block System incorporated into their bodies.

2. There are so many standards to the Gundams. Other than the vulcans, what is another standard to the Gundams. Hint: I mean EVERY one has it, and don't think weapon-wise.

3. There are 3 Gundams that has the FA (Full Armor) option. Name 2 out of the 3.

How many verniers does Wing Zero have?? How many does Epyon have?? Hint: Epyon has half the number of verniers.

Which do you think is stronger: the Atomic Bazooka, the Hyper Mega Cannon, or the Twin SATCAN (Satillite Cannon)

Good luck. I'll post up the answers when I get enough replies.
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