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Results of the Ultimate Paintball Run

Ice Dragon v2

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Well, that's one good way to start of. My team was gunned down by that .50 caliber in the tower (That guy was good). Why???? The van I was driving broke down in the middle of the field.:flaming: :flaming: THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!!! Fortunately, we manage to escape the hellfire with very heavy casualties or pain to be exact. The fun part was the ATVs. Driving those things were awesome. I drove mine up to 45 mph. As a result, I started to jump over the sand dunes. WHOOO!!!!! Another best part was that we played chicken with the minivans, before it broke down. On the last second, I swerved it to the left and my team opened fire. Hehehehe. That was sweet. What else was there?? Oh yea. The hidden ammo dumps in the field. My team found 2 5 gallon jugs filled with paintballs. As a result, we had surplus ammo. We actually had reserves. Man, there's Staten Island for ya!! Wish all you people from Otaku can come down here and go for a challenge.:devil: :demon: :devil:
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