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Queen Mum

velvet paws

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Does anyone else get what all the fuss is about?
The Queen mum died earlier this week and it's all over the news saying "she touched the hearts of everyone" and stuff. She never did anything for me or anyone I know, we never met her, we forgot she existed half of the time....
I understand she was Royalty and all of that "the last in the bloodstream of englands true kings and queens" or something..but she was really old...her time was up..she'd already had several strokes...it was inevitable. When a normal person dies they get nothing like this. Just because she was born a higher class why does she get treated better and everyone in the country is told the 'tradgic' news?
I also think it's sick..all these plans of touring the coffin round the country for about a week before it's burried. She's a bloody corpse! For the same reason I don't get why they have 4 poor men having to stand arround all day guarding it when it's not on a plane somewhere....

Can I have veiws and maybe a little insite into this matter??
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Guest Imsirion
I've heard about her death and I see your point, she didn't do anything 'cept walk around in high heels and wave:wave:
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