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Writing The Arizona Desert


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This isn't really a story, or a poem but I wasn't sure were this would fit. It is something I did for English. It may look kind of weird but thats because it had to be double spaced and I simply copy pasted it in here. It has a few errors, but please over look them. I really miss Phoenix(or Arizona in general, were I was born).:)

The Desert of Arizona

The Arizona desert can be an exciting place to hike towards the evening.

You will encounter many types of wildlife as you hike to the top of the hill.

As you hike around, you would see faint green Saguaro cactus standing tall

with hundreds of sharp brown needles pointing in every direction. The sky is a light

blue blotched with fluffy white cloudes shifting gracefully across the sky. The loud

chirping of birds echo around through the brush. Small aimals scurry across the hot

dry ground in search of shade. A strong root beer like scent of Paloverde trees fills

the air as the breeze carries it along. You can feel the warmth of the sun beating

down, a lite breeze whips past your skin. As you reach the top of the hill the sky

begins to turn orange from the sunset over the horizon.

The Arizona desert is a buetiful, mysterious place where all though water may

sometimes be scarse life still remains, like rattlesnakes, scorpions, mountain lions,

Coyotes, cacti and many more creatures and plants thrive. When I lived in Phoenix

my family and Iwould always camp and hike in Arizona's desert. Seeing many

creatures and plants. I hope that someday I will be able to go back, to see all the

splendors it has to offer.
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