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Mr. Maul

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In my RPG, I, the game master, gets to decide everything that happens. Your character can be anything, or one, that you wish.
There are no permanent settings. The scenario can change rapidly. There is no limit on settings once you start playing. Your stats change constantly throughout the game.

Here is an example level 1 character:


John Doe
Spells:Fire 1, Ice 1, Bio 1
Inventory: Long bow, Dagger, Shield

You start out by choosing a level(1, 2, or 3).
Level 1 start out with 1000 HP and 100 MP.
Level 2: 1200 HP and 200 MP.
Level 3 with 1300 HP and 300 MP.
You have no experience at first, but the longer you, you play, the more exp. you gain.

You choose 3 weapons of offence and defence. Please be realistic, remember, if it were real, you'd be carring your items, so no tanks or jets or anything like that.

If you're level 1 or 2, you only get 3 spells. Level 3 gets 4.
Your choices are fire 1, 2, and 3, Ice 1, 2, and 3, and Bio 1, 2, and 3. In order to get a 2 of a spell, you must have a 1, and to get a 3, you must have a 1 AND 2.

Bio 1 adds 1 poison mark to the creature you attack. It does 10 damage each turn. Bio 2 does 30, but you have to use 1 first. 3 does 60, but you must have done 1 and 2. Spells of 1 cost 50 MP, spells of 2 cost 100, spells of 3 cost 150.

Despite all the rules, the game actually is easy and fun to play.
Post a reply to play.

:devil: :excited: :toothy:
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